“A big mountain awaits us” believes Hugo Lloris before France-Denmark

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“A big mountain awaits us” believes Hugo Lloris before France-Denmark

“Denmark have beaten France twice this year (0-2; 1-2). How much revenge is there?
It’s still another competition but it sets the level of Denmark. It’s a very competitive team capable of challenging the best. We have been warned. We are well aware of the importance of tomorrow’s match, it will be a decisive match for qualification. There is a lot of work to do, all the teams are athletically ready. We will have to be ready tomorrow (this Saturday).

What changes a team with Raphaël Varane?
Within the group, he brings his serenity, his calm, his experience. He is a quiet force, he is a leader, he plays a very important role within the Blues. We feel it well despite the injuries, the fear he had of missing the World Cup. He is calm, ready to help the team. We feel he is ready to fight with the team.

How do you perceive the evolution of Adrien Rabiot?
Much has been made of the absence of Pogba and Kanté, who are driving forces within the France team. But we forgot that there were players who could be brought to take responsibility. Adrien with this profile, we have always praised his qualities. This opportunity that presents itself comes at the right time. He is ready. When we were shaken against Australia, he answered present, it shows his impact, his influence within the team. We know his talent but also his ability to work a lot. He does a lot of races, he can really help our team go far. It will take a big performance to take the 3 points.

“You have to be ready for any scenario, you have to feel this collective strength. There is a big mountain waiting for us”

How do you judge the atmosphere within the group since the beginning of the gathering?
If we want to go far in a competition, it is better to have a team that lives well with good energy, that’s the case. We have always responded in the best possible way. We will really judge this group when we have faced difficulties.

What did you think of Antoine Griezmann’s performance against Australia?
Above all, I see Antoine happy, with a smile, available who makes the effort, defensively, offensively. At the heart of the game, it allows him to connect with each other, that’s where he expresses himself best. He is a team player, he highlights his teammates.

You have already scored 4 goals in this first match. Four years ago, you only scored 3 goals in the first round. Do you feel that you are more offensive?
It’s difficult to compare two competitions four years apart. There are only 10 players left from this experience. We were able to use this experience. Against Australia in 2018, we had a lot of difficulty creating situations. We did not want to relive the same scenario this year, we wanted to give impetus to our competition. Tomorrow is going to be a fight. The Danes are under an obligation of a result. »


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