A futsal team loses 58-0 in its first game

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A futsal team loses 58-0 in its first game

Some will call it the charm of the Cup, but not sure that the players of Grand-Lemps 38 are of this opinion. The latter lost 58-0 against Amateur Lyon Fidesien (ALF) Futsal last weekend for the 3rd round of the Coupe de France. They played there the first match in the history of their club after its creation during the summer.

After being exempted from the 1st round and benefiting from a package in the 2nd, Grand-Lemps, club of Departmental 2, faced the ALF Futsal, leader of R1 (third national division), and the poster therefore seemed unbalanced (three divisions difference). And the ALF players more than held their own, scoring 58 goals in two 20-minute periods, or one goal every 42 seconds on average.

A score too high for the League site

If no one expected such a score between the two teams, the site of the Isère Futsal League was also surprised. the Dauphine Libere indeed reported that a scoreline beyond 50-0 could not be recorded. A small consolation for the players of Grand-Lemps 38, therefore eliminated from the Coupe de France futsal.


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