After targeting the supporters, Paulo Fonseca calms the game

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After targeting the supporters, Paulo Fonseca calms the game

Paulo Fonseca returned Friday noon to his remarks post-match against Reims (1-1) where he had expressed his frustration, the possibility of leaving the club if the supporters were unhappy with him, and his indignation concerning the whistles of a part of the supporters who escorted the raises of his team from the back and his goalkeeper.

“I reacted on the spot of emotion. I may have been too hard but I was defending my players and my method.

“I don’t want to slip away, just explained the Portuguese. It is true that I was very frustrated by the game, unhappy with the situation and the result. I accepted it but my reaction, hot, was quite strong. I reacted instantly with emotion. I may have been too harsh but I was defending my players and my method. I understand very well the attitude of the supporters. They know our ambitions in the game and what we are building. When you are a coach, you have to remain open to criticism. I do not think it is useful to create an additional polemic on this subject. I hope tomorrow (Sunday against Troyes in the Coupe de France, 8:45 p.m. at Pierre-Mauroy) they will encourage us. As they always have. We are and we will remain together. Everyone understands that our players need encouragement. A team must show courage. If we continue like this, we will have an advantage and the fans will be with us. »

This Thursday evening, the ultras of the Dogues Virage Est (DVE) however published a press release in which they did not spare Paulo Fonseca, explaining that he did not accept criticism and that it was harmful that at the first blow of wind, the captain is ready to leave the ship. The Portuguese coach, who will be deprived of José Fonte (adductors), Jonathan Bamba (calf), André Gomes (calf alert) and Leo Jardim (knee injury, Chevalier will start) on Sunday, does not didn’t add either.

“Perhaps I was too touchy at the time”

“I understand them. he confides. Probably they don’t know me very well. We should listen to what the fans are saying. Now I don’t want what happened to become a problem for my team. It was my feeling. Maybe I was too touchy at the time. We have a new project, young players. If we compare with other teams that have made big investments, our means are less important. If we all stick together, we can get closer to those larger budgets. One of the first things I proposed when I arrived here was to put in place a way of playing that the fans would be proud of. I think everyone recognizes that. Nothing will change about that. I am very happy here. When I had the opportunity to come to Lille, what motivated me the most was having the opportunity to build a solid team identity. I met the players and I was very motivated by this project. I can say today that we have created this identity. That players adhere faster than I expected. The club gave me the opportunity to do whatever I wanted. It would be hard to be happier than I am in Lille and to have more fun like I have here. »


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