After the imbroglio, Alpine and Oscar Piastri in court?

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After the imbroglio, Alpine and Oscar Piastri in court?

The Alpine-Piastri imbroglio could be settled in court. In any case, this is the path that the French team is studying after its Australian hopeful indicated that it did not want to drive for it in 2023, probably to turn to McLaren, where Piastri would replace his compatriot Daniel Ricciardo.

Financial compensation

“If the CRB (the FIA ​​contract recognition office) says ‘your license is only valid at Alpine’, and he (Piastri) says ‘that’s great but I will never drive for them I will sit for a year’ then you have to go to the High Court for compensation”says Szafnauer.

Alpine, which spent a lot of money to prepare Piastri for Formula 1, with independent tests and thousands of kilometers covered in tests, could thus try to obtain financial compensation. “We didn’t sit down with the accountants to calculate everything we spent. We will have to if we go to the High Court”said Szafnauer.

The American clarified, according to Reuters, that Piastri had signed an agreement with Alpine in November 2021 which set out the path for a first race in 2023. The agreement included the possibility of being loaned to another team, presumably Williams , for one year. Piastri would then have negotiated a starting seat with McLaren, but Alonso’s surprise departure was a game-changer.

Szafnauer also said he understood Alonso’s reasoning, with money and length of contract likely to be key factors for the 41-year-old Spaniard, but expected Piastri to show integrity and loyalty.

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