All 2022 World Cup referees on internship in Doha from this Thursday

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All 2022 World Cup referees on internship in Doha from this Thursday

They are all arriving in Doha, Qatar this Wednesday, to prepare for the World Cup which is fast approaching (November 20-December 18). These are the 129 referees selected for the competition, i.e. 36 centrals (including the French Clément Turpin and Stéphanie Frappart, one of the six main female referees), 69 assistants (including Cyril Gringore and Nicolas Danos) and 24 VAR (including Jérôme Brisard and Benoît Millot).

“We will provide them with all the logistical support they need”

Pierluigi Collina, Chairman of the FIFA Referees Committee

From Thursday morning, under the aegis of the FIFA Referees Committee, led by Pierluigi Collina, who will make the appointments for all World Cup matches, they will complete a preparation course. ” Knowing that they have already been carefully briefed and supported since their appointment (last may), whether in their national championships or in international competitions, the objective of this seminar is to refine their preparation as well as possible »Collina told us.

A tournament with local teams in Doha to “warm up”

The Italian, who led the 2002 World Cup final (Brazil-Germany, 2-0), said: ” They will be provided with all the logistical support they need, with physical trainers and medical teams. In Doha, we organized a tournament with local teams to put them all (centrals, assistants and VARs) in the conditions of the competition before their first match of the World Cup (this tournament will last until November 26 to best prepare those who will not start the competition). The time they will spend together will also serve to consolidate the team spirit, already very strong between them. »

This tournament will allow referees in particular to become more familiar with the new semi-automated offside detection system – which allows VAR to be more precise and above all faster in this area – already in force in the Champions League and which will be used at this World Cup.


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