All of Argentina fear Messi injury ahead of World Cup

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All of Argentina fear Messi injury ahead of World Cup

Tuesday, October 25, it is a little after 5:30 p.m. in Buenos Aires when Argentina suddenly gasps. 13,000 km away, on the lawn of the Parc des Princes, Lionel Messi (35) raises his hand and sits on the ground. In the 72nd minute, when the counter shows 6-2 in favor of the Parisians against Maccabi Haifa (during the 5th day of C1), the commentator of ESPN, Mariano Closs, declares: ” He (Sean Goldberg) brought down Messi”causing a shudder throughout the country, before recovering: “Oh no, his foot came out of his shoe…”

Live on Star+, Sergio Agüero breaks down in front of the camera before realizing the commentator’s error and losing his temper: “But what are you saying Closs! You scared me ! I will call the coach (to replace Messi). I should have his number”, laughs the former teammate and friend of the “Pulga”. The scene quickly went viral on social media.

Every game of the Argentine star is scrutinized by the local media. Last Wednesday after their resounding victory against the Israeli clubMessi and PSG once again made the front page of the sports daily Ole : “Messi 3D: as the World Cup approaches, he is in a state of grace”.

“He is good, sportingly and personally. (…) He gets on well with his teammates, the change of coach has also done him good. You see more of a Messi organizing the game when he’s with Argentina.”underlines Veronica Brunati, journalist who covers the selection and followed Messi at FC Barcelona as with the Albiceleste.

“We are all impatiently waiting for these three matches with PSG to be over”

An analysis shared by the ex-Nantais, Mauro Cetto, an assiduous follower of Ligue 1 and the Champions League. “What we saw last season was just a minimal version of him. Today we see the real Messi. A much more complete player, who plays a few meters lower, but who scores and scores his teammates. (…) He is again, for me, the best in the world”, rejoices the former defender also from Rosario.

But while Messi is back at the top level with Paris-SG, Argentina is torn between the enthusiasm to see the “Pulga” in top form and the fear that the captain of Albiceleste will be injured while he he only has three short matches left to play before the start of the World Cup (November 20).

“We want it to stop! laughs the journalist. In 2014 and 2018, he was coming out of two exhausting seasons, different times at club and with the selection. The great moment he is living with PSG combined with the great moment he is living with the Argentine selection means that he will arrive in Qatar as he has never arrived at any other World Cup before.”.

If each movement of Messi causes a small earthquake in Argentina at the approach of a competition which has never raised so many hopes after the series of 35 matches without defeat of the Albiceleste, Cetto wants to be rather reassuring: “He’s a player who doesn’t tend to get injured a lot. But we fear that something will happen to him. Especially since this could be his last World Cup. We are all impatiently waiting for these three matches with PSG to be over. »

While out of the 48 players included in Lionel Scaloni’s preliminary list, seven are more or less seriously injured (Lo Celso, another member of the team, is notably injured in the leg right but is not yet forfeited), the country counts the minutes that Messi will have to play before donning the Argentinian jersey again (he will join the selection on November 14), in three weeks, against the United Arab Emirates (November 16 , friendly). Today, we are even beginning to hope that Messi will ask Christophe Galtier not to count on him for the Parisians’ last match against Auxerre on November 13.


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