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Another European place less for Starligue clubs

Six, five, four… The Liqui Moly Starligue is experiencing an unpleasant countdown for its European tickets. While it had already lost a club in the European League (C2) this season compared to the previous one, it will lose one more in 2023-2024, according to our information.

This time, it is not the sanction of a less good “ranking” of French clubs, but a choice of the European Federation (EHF) following the change of formula of the C2. A fortnight ago, the latter discreetly informed the French Federation (FFHB) that it would no longer grant additional invitations to the guaranteed places (one in the Champions League and three in the European League), whereas this had been the case systematically for ten years. This season, Chambéry had benefited from it after its fifth place in Starligue.

All countries are affected by this decision, but France is one of those who will lose big, while its Championship is the highest in the world with the Bundesliga. Next season, the Starligue will only have four European places in total, compared to six last year.

The French champion will be qualified directly for the Champions League, the second and third in the Championship, as well as the winner of the Coupe de France (or the fourth in the Championship in the event of a combination) will have a place in the European League. The second will always have the possibility of being “promoted” to C1 (like Nantes this season), but it will not be replaced by another French club in C2. The fight for the folding seats promises to be terrible.

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