Antonio Conte (Tottenham): “We pay dearly for our mistakes”

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Antonio Conte (Tottenham): “We pay dearly for our mistakes”

Antonio Conte (Tottenham coach, after the defeat against Sporting Portugal 2-0): “The level of the Champions League is high. It is very high. You know that to play in this competition you have to reduce mistakes, because in the end you can pay for them.

Tonight we paid dearly and now we are talking about a defeat against a team that showed they are used to playing in this competition. That’s a shame. Of course you have to analyze the match well, the players too, it’s true, but they know very well that this level is very important and that to play this competition, you have to continue to improve. You have to keep improving. »

Hugo Lloris (Tottenham goalkeeper): “Looking at the overall performance, I would say there was a lack of concentration in the final moments of the match. I believe that if you can’t win the match, you do everything not to lose it. And on this corner, we must concentrate more not to concede this goal. And then if you… Obviously, there were times when we managed the game well and others when they had good chances. It was a Champions League game and at the end there are a lot of regrets because we could have taken a point tonight. »


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