At the trial of the Laporte-Altrad affair, we forget the fadettes…

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At the trial of the Laporte-Altrad affair, we forget the fadettes…

From the opening of the second day of hearing at the Paris Criminal Court, where appear MM. Altrad, Simon, Atcher, Laporte and Rover, the controversy of the fadettes has returned to the carpet. As a reminder, the first day of the trial had been suspended prematurely after an intervention by Mohed Altrad’s lawyer, Me Vey, then relayed by Bernard Laporte’s lawyer, Me Colin, being surprised at the absence of these telephone bills. detailed in the criminal case.

“I asked the PNF prosecutors last Friday for these raw telephony data, that is to say the fadettes with the name of the operator at the top, explained Me Vey. Is it normal that this data does not appear in the criminal file? Tuesday evening, I received an incomprehensible Excel file. »

The prosecution was surprised for its part at such a late request since the defense had had access to judicial seals for a year and a month. “It is all the more problematic, noted Me Colin on Wednesday, that we found inconsistencies in the interviewers’ interpretation of the phone. » Before adding: “If the fadettes do not exist, we will ask to cancel all the PV based on it”threatened Me Colin.

“We do not want to formalize an incident”

Me Vey, lawyer for Mohed Altrad

This Thursday, the president therefore asked the defense of MM. Altrad and Laporte if they wanted to formalize requests on the subject of fadettes. In the end, no, despite the tense and long debate the day before. “We want to leave it at that”says Me Versini-Campinchi, the other counsel for Mr. Laporte.

“We don’t want to formalize an incident, added Me Vey. We did not find in the file the judicial requisition relating to Mr. Altrad’s telephone number. But maybe we didn’t look closely. That said, if it should be missing, we reserve the right to ask the court for additional information. »

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