Auxerre hardly qualified in 16th, Toulouse unfolds

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Auxerre hardly qualified in 16th, Toulouse unfolds

Auxerre manages on penalties in Dunkirk thanks to Donovan Léon

Is there really a big gap between the 5th of National and the 18th in Ligue 1 ? At first glance, not that much. The two formations were in the same division, last season, in Ligue 2. And when the elite team rotates a little (Costil, Sakhi and Niang started on the bench), the balance of power becomes balanced. This was verified this Sunday in Dunkirk, which held Auxerre in check (2-2) before giving in on penalties (5 pens to 4) only.

The duel between Arnaud Balijon and Donovan Léon turned to the advantage of the latter, who released Pierre’s attempt. He had already been decisive twice during the Ligue 2 play-offs, against Sochaux then Saint-Étienne, and, like at the Cauldron, Birama Touré, the last shooter of the session, validated the qualification of AJA.

Dunkirk however believed in it by opening the scoring following a corner struck by Anziani, deflected by Ba Sy and taken back at the far post by Baghdadi, the National’s second top scorer (1-0, 5th). But Auxerre gradually set foot on the ball, pushed and caused two errors from the Northerners. Thiam initially returned a cross badly and let Raveloson equalize (1-1, 19th). The Malagasy even doubled the bet in favor of the Burgundians following an avoidable corner, well shot by Autret (1-2, 36th).

And then, and then… The Cup! Then the elements got involved: rain, wind, renewed energy after a triple change in the 65th, and Dunkirk equalized thanks to Ipiélé, on a second ball (2-2, 68th). Auxerre was then pierced several times and Ba Sy found the post (72nd), before Baghdadi scored a goal disallowed for an offside limit (75th). AJA also had their match points, by Da Costa, but the head of the Icaun striker was not on target (83rd), then by Sakhi, but Balijon, 39, pulled out a save (90th) .

On the Auxerre side, in addition to the qualification, we note that the new system tested, with pistons, did not offer many guarantees, and that the two recruits offered unequal performances for 65 minutes. If Matthis Abline (on loan from Rennes) sowed some promise, Isaak Touré (on loan from OM) did not always reassure, even if he was a little better after the break. Next meeting for AJA this Wednesday, against Toulouse at Abbé-Deschamps. Dunkirk will go to Orleans on Friday.

Quiet Toulouse against Lannion (N3)

Lannion’s dream will have stopped in the 32nd finals, a step reached for the first time in its history, Sunday, at the Roudourou stadium. In the lair of its neighbor from Guingamp, the formation of National 3 will have tried to resist before the break, before letting go in the second half, against Toulouse who will have been serious from start to finish and enforced the four divisions of gap (7-1).

Toulouse FC took the opportunity to launch the Norwegians Kjetil Haug (goalkeeper), Warren Kamanzi (right side), the Greek Charis Tsingaras and the Finn Naatan Skyttä (the two in the middle). It was the latter who quickly opened the scoring, after a one-two with Thijs Dallinga (12th). Then Yanis Begraoui went alone to double the lead (32nd).

Haug’s Costa Rican goal, against his camp, after a clearance from Kamanzi to get out the shot from Karim Achahbar (36th) did not have time to really nurture the hope of a comeback, since Dallinga took over, in the empty goal, the cross from the left of Veljko Birmancevic, badly cleared (39th).

In the second half, the Serb took advantage of the cross from the left of Oliver Zandén to score in turn, with a header (57th), before Dallinga pushed Boisvilliers scored an own goal (66th). The Dutchman then offered himself doubled by lobbing goalkeeper Florian Piolot (75th). Finally, his compatriot Stijn Spierings signed his entry with a clear shot, at the edge of the penalty area (81st). Hard for the “little” Bretons, at least respected by the big ones of L1.


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