Bayonne resists and wins against Toulouse

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Bayonne resists and wins against Toulouse

The game: 26-22

Deprived of many retained players in selection or on injury, Stade Toulousain and its young guard completely took on water in the first half, in Bayonne. Dominated in all areas of the game, it is logical that Toulouse cracked for the first time in the 7th minute by Gaëtan Germain (10-0), the latter having opened the scoring with a penalty 3 minutes earlier.

Nothing was going well for the Red and Black who gave in a second time in force by Facundo Bosch (15th), while Edgar Retière had concretized one of the rare Toulouse incursions into the Bayonnais camp (17-3, 20th). Toulouse’s indiscipline, as a good summary of the first 40 minutes, allowed Gaëtan Germain to further increase the score for a gap of 20 points at the break (23-3).

Fijian Aviron center Sireli Maqala was one of the men of the match for the sky and white. (N. Luttiau/The Team)

Ugo Mola’s men returned from the locker room with other intentions and managed to bring danger to the Basque camp. But the indiscipline and the balls lost in touch did not allow Stade Toulousain to hope for a victory. Especially since the Bayonnais had a full match, despite a try from Lucas Tauzin at the end of the line (50th, 23-8) then from Dimitri Delibes five minutes from the end (26-15, 75th) while Germain had added three additional points.

The extended end of the match somewhat fueled the suspense and a converted try from Juan Cruz Mallia brought the Toulouse back into the nails of the defensive bonus (26-22, 80 + 7th). In the end, Bayonne won logically, but the defensive bonus of Toulouse comes to reward the burst of pride of its young guard. After Bordeaux, Racing and La Rochelle, it is a new tenor in the championship that falls to Jean-Dauger.


Of his 15 throws on the sidelines, Stade Toulousain only won 8, which did not allow him to hope for a comeback and a victory at the end of the match.

The player: Gaëtan Germain

Week after week, the Bayonne rear assumes its responsibilities within a Basque team that works well. Against Stade Toulousain, he succeeded in almost everything he undertook. Just in attack, generous in defense, skilful in aerial duels, he even offered himself the luxury of registering a new test (his 3rd this season). In total he scored 22 of his team’s 26 points. With Machenaud, Lopez, Bosch and another Cassiem, Gaëtan Germain holds the bayonnaise hut.

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