Benjamin Mendy ‘shocked’ to be accused of rape

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Benjamin Mendy ‘shocked’ to be accused of rape

For him, it was about sex “consented”, and Benjamin Mendy said to himself “shocked” by the seven accusations of rape (on four young women) which target him and which he denies en bloc. His denials come from four sets of statements prepared and transmitted to the police by the player’s lawyers, on his behalf, during his interrogations, during which he had repeated “no comment” in the face of questions from investigators during the procedure. These declarations were exposed this Thursday to the jury, during the side trial French who stands at the Crown Court of Chester, England, since August 10.

Regarding the alleged victim who accuses him of three rapes (facts which allegedly took place at the player’s home in October 2020), Mendy explained that she had agreed to perform oral sex on him, but that the complainant, which he presented as “very excited”added that she “didn’t want to do anything else today”. “I said it was good, we could just have a little fun”, he said. Mendy said he then went downstairs to his home to continue the evening with loved ones.

In the case of another young complainant, the player explained that she had agreed to take the “morning after pill” and that after these sexual relations “consented “, still according to him, they had “relaxed in the living room with friends”that she “laughed” and “was happy”.


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