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Boston and Milwaukee rule the roost

The Boston Celtics are no joke. In a trip to Atlanta which promised to be legitimately tricky and delicate, the Hawks having just skinned the Bucks at home a few days earlier, the finalist of the last edition did not make any detail against the band of Nate McMillan. An all-round success (101-126) which now brings the Celtics’ unbeaten streak to eight wins and anchors them firmly in first place in the East.

If Boston has retained its young and talented hard core compared to last season and these boys were bound to improve further, the stormy pre-season, with the suspension for one year of the titular coach, Ime Udoka, could have weakened the Massachusetts group. Obviously, there is nothing. On the contrary, Boston is walking a spectacular and fair game, in the wake of a Jayson Tatum (19 points, 8 assists last night) radiating in attack since the start of the season. A basketball that the Celtics recited in chorus in Atlanta, with seven players with more than ten points, 21 baskets awarded out of 46 and confidence now at its highest among the Greens. “We have a lot of players who can do a lot of things in this group”claimed the starting back Derrick White at the exit. “We trust everyone in this team. »

In the other poster of the night in the East, Milwaukee did not tremble either in front of Cleveland (113-98), erasing at the same time the insult suffered a few days earlier, with a first loss at the Fiserv Forum against to the Hawks precisely. On Wednesday evening, the 2021 NBA champions therefore found their napkin ring at home and inflicted a fifth straight defeat on the Cavaliers, again deprived of their pivot Jarrett Allen and who are clearly marking time after a backfiring start to the season.

Yet Giannis Antetokounmpo was rather sober. A “small” double-double (16 pts at 6/18 on shots, 12 rebounds, 8 assists) for the double MVP of the League (2019, 2020), which left the light to an ever-green Brook Lopez, author of 29 points, including seven award-winning baskets, one less than his career high! “Giannis draws so much attention. It’s up to us to be ready when we’re open.”, reported the effective pivot of the Bucks. Which are now alone in the wheel of the Celtics for a duel nicely launched in the East.

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