Boycott, lack of enthusiasm, financial cost: few French supporters in Qatar

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Boycott, lack of enthusiasm, financial cost: few French supporters in Qatar

“Come on Blues, your supporters are here! » Tuesday, around 8 p.m., we should hear the Irresistibles Français give voice in the stands of France – Australia. Your supporters are there… not all of them actually. According to the main Blues fan association, there will be just under a hundred in Qatar compared to more than 600 in 2018 in Russia. Hervé Mougin, their president, will be there.

“Qatar has done everything excessively without any respect for the life that surrounds us today”

Fabian Tosolini, member of the board of the Irrésistibles Français

On the other hand, not Fabien Bonnel, the spokesperson, nor Fabian Tosolini, member of the office who explains: “We gave our members free choice to participate or not, and to live their passion for football as they see fit. I am socially involved, I defend the rights of workers all day long. Russia was already a questioning, but we said to ourselves: let’s go, let’s talk. Euro 2021 across Europe was an ecological aberration… So there, enough is enough. Qatar had twelve years to do things well, and they did everything excessively without any respect for the life that surrounds us today. It is not impossible that some of our members are gay or lesbian and we would not want a dating app on their phone to put them at risk. »

Not everyone is of that opinion, however. Laurence, Irresistible working in international logistics, has been planning her trip for a year: “I didn’t hesitate. I scheduled my four weeks of vacation in the spring. It was at the time of the attribution that it was necessary to boycott. Why make ”support” supporters who want to resonate with decisions made twelve years ago? There, we did not hear about it. Today, beyond the World Cup, we make people feel too guilty – especially young people – about what is happening. Around me, everyone asks me to share what I will experience there. Only two told me they were boycotting. Younger, in their 20s, 30s, they dread the future. We must stop making all the anguish in the world bear on these young people. We are creating a generation of anxious people.

A financial cost that hinders supporters

But if there is less enthusiasm, it is not only because environmental, sociological and societal issues. “It’s not a World Cup for fans”, continues Tosolini. Already not practical to free up in the fall, it is also much more expensive according to Tosolini: “If the Blues go all the way, the supporter will have to pay more than 20% more than in 2018 for their tickets and between 15 and 25% more for hotel rooms. »

“It’s a World Cup for the ”privileged”, observes Laurence, who considers “between 8,000 and 10,000 euros”, its budget in the event of a complete course for the Blues. And to think that it could have been free! Tosolini confirms: “Qatar has been looking for strong supporters, with all-expenses-paid invitations. I received a request a year and a half ago… With us, many were invited, all declined! And the influencers who accepted, I don’t see them at all the matches of the France team! »

Fabien Tosolini (left) with two other Blues supporters before the 2018 World Cup in Russia. (Jérémy Lempin / The Team)

Another argument justifying the weak French presence in Qatar and put forward recently on France Bleu Sud Lorraine by Sylvain Quirot, president of the ”Supporters club de France”: ” It’s not the country that makes you dream the most. Nothing to do with Brazil, with the Iguazú Falls, or Red Square in Russia. There are buildings, sand and camels “.

Fabian Tosolini, who hosted the last Blues training session at Clairefontaine on Tuesday, will not see any of this. Not even the games on TV. “The sinews of war are the broadcasting rightshe admits. On our modest scale, let’s try to reduce the audiences… That’s the only thing that will affect FIFA. But I will be interested in the results! » Not all there, supporters of the Blues, but never far from the heart.


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