British police in Qatar to help local law enforcement

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British police in Qatar to help local law enforcement

The British police officers, who will be dispatched to Qatar during the World Cup (November 20-December 18) to supervise the English and Welsh supporters, will have a very specific role. About fifteen liaison officers with supporters will be there to make the ” buffer “ between fans and local law enforcement where “there would be a risk that the limits would be crossed” Cheshire Police Chief Mark Roberts said on Tuesday.

“We will not be there to be a moral police, we will be there to say: “You’re starting to get a little attention, calm down a bit because we wouldn’t want you to be faced with another style of policing.” »he detailed, while some 3 to 4,000 English and 2 to 3,000 Welsh, whose teams will face each other in Group B, are expected, this number being able to be increased by expatriates residing in the region and increase over the rounds.

Alcohol consumption restricted to certain areas

The total number of police officers sent has not been specified, but some will be on the ground both to observe and collect information which will be transmitted to Qatari officials and to supervise the groups. “It’s a World Cup in a different part of the world with a very different culture and I think one of my fears is that fans who have no intention of committing an offense or causing trouble may take action. inadvertently in a manner that is inappropriate or negatively attracts attention”he detailed.

Behaviors tolerated in Europe could thus be interpreted differently by local law enforcement. “Just because people are loud, jumping up and down and singing in a different language doesn’t mean they’re aggressive, he explained, pointing out that alcohol consumption will be restricted to certain areas and going shirtless will be prohibited. It will not be up to us to judge whether what they are doing is right or wrong. We only want to take care of the supporters. »


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