Bruno Genesio (Rennes) after the draw in Troyes: “We played a bit like tourists”

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Bruno Genesio (Rennes) after the draw in Troyes: “We played a bit like tourists”

Are you disappointed?
Clearly yes.

For the second time this season (after the 1-1 draw conceded in Monacoeditor’s note), your team was unable to win at eleven against 10 for more than one period…
Yes, but that’s not what disappoints me the most. It can happen to come up against a team that defends well. What bothers me is our first period, nothing happened. We had the ball, we kept the ball. There were no deep calls, no runs, no sense of sacrifice, no generosity. Against a well grouped block, nothing happened.

Is that why you replaced two players (Majer and Tait) at halftime?I could have changed a good part of the team. I wanted to bring percussion and speed with Kamaldeen (Sulemana) and Désiré (Doué). We are all responsible for this non-match in the first period.

How do you explain your team’s lack of chances?
We didn’t have enough chances because we were too poor technically, especially on crosses. We managed to make a lot of shifts which brought us into the box almost every time but it was too short, too on the ground, too in the air… We showed too much waste to provide chances although we have a few. We have to do a lot better technically.

There weren’t enough hits either…
Especially in the first half, we never shot. We had up to 80% possession without showing enough aggression to hurt this team. We purred for half time to say the least.

Is it due to a trust issue?
No, I do not think so. You have to quickly put your head back in place and quickly react. It’s a chance to play again Thursday in the Europa League and Sunday against Auxerre. You have to recover well, analyze what went wrong and get back on the right track.

Like Lovro Majer, have your players been too well knownffants?
I don’t like to point fingers at one more than the other. In the first half, we were complacent. The players behaved like tourists (…) It’s a problem of generosity, mentality and the desire to hurt the opponent. We played thinking that we could win without making an effort.

Could the Stade Rennais transfer window disrupt the headers?
We can find all the excuses, all the explanations. But the transfer window is the same for everyone. And there are teams that are doing better. We must not hide our face: we did not digest all the praise we had (last year). It is difficult to repeat this kind of performance if we are not humble.


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