Bruno Genesio (Rennes): “An additional player after Marseille”

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Bruno Genesio (Rennes): “An additional player after Marseille”

“Baptiste Santamaria could be out for at least four months after his left ankle injury against Auxerre on Sunday (5-0). How do you cash it?
It’s a blow for him, it’s part of the vagaries of a career. He will have a visit on Friday with a surgeon and then we will see how long his unavailability will last. He is an important player in our system, he is one of the few experienced players I have in this group, so it is a very important loss and anyway, whoever the player is, it is always damaging and sad for everyone.

“An additional player will have to arrive”

Is it urgent to take a joker?
There are two matches left before the break, so we are not going to do anything in a hurry, but obviously after Marseille (Sunday), an additional player will have to arrive.

You are on a rather positive dynamic. How to maintain it?
I think we are progressing in our game and what I appreciate is the state of mind of the group, because the match at AEK Larnaca (2-1, last Thursday) was anything but a formality. The team is regaining momentum, but not yet enough over the duration of the match, especially in the management of weak times, which means that sometimes there are air pockets in a match.

How to avoid them?
By working, by gaining experience. We sometimes forget that we have a very young team, we have to give this team that has changed a little time, regain confidence and I was going to say a little intelligence to manage our weak times, to be able to defend at times and not always want to press very high as in the past.

How do you see this Fenerbahçe team?
It’s a very experienced team, capable of exerting very high pressure, of setting a lot of pace, with pistons that have volume and speed. They are such a dangerous team from set pieces, a team that is used to Europe, like their coach (Jorge Jesus). It’s one of the very good teams in this competition, a good opportunity to assess themselves, but I have confidence in my team. »


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