Bruno Genesio (Rennes): “I’m having a lot of fun”

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Bruno Genesio (Rennes): “I’m having a lot of fun”

Bruno Genesio (Rennes coach, 3-0 winner against Montpellier): “Overall it’s a very good match, with three nice goals, situations, high-level sequences, and still zero goals conceded. […] A very good first period, a little slump at the start of the second and we recovered well to finish well. Mentally, I expected us to show something other than our end of the match against Fenerbahçe (3-3). (…)

We don’t get too attached (to the series of 14 matches without defeat). We had to win, we did it with style and once again with an irreproachable state of mind. There’s been more confidence and control lately. […] It’s hard to compare with others, but I really enjoy watching my team play. Already Thursday, even though I was angry. I am proud. »

Romain Pitau (interim coach of Montpellier): “We were not efficient enough in the use of the ball, we were too poor in the game we offered. The first period was average, but in the second, we found a little more momentum and situations. I would have liked us to come back to 2-1 to see how Rennes would have reacted, but we did not manage to score this goal to make them doubt. It’s true that up front there are good players, attacking spirit, good combined play. We knew it was going to be complicated […]

We have a series of defeats, so it’s not fun, but we have to keep working. The team has character, we have to rely on that […] In the situation we are in, we have to try things, we have to dare. There were mistakes, but Rennes pressed us well, we must not throw everything away. Players need confidence and it’s part of our job to give them back. »


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