Bruno Genesio (Rennes): “We lacked control and confidence”

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Bruno Genesio (Rennes): “We lacked control and confidence”

Bruno Genesio, Rennes coach, after the defeat of his team against Lens (1-2) “I think we had a balanced first half. We should have done better in recovery. We had a lot of technical waste. In the second half, we miss 25 minutes. It costs us two goals. Then, after, we have opportunities to come back to the score. We suffered too much at the start of the second half, but we were able to get back into the game by creating clear chances.

There was an interesting reaction at 0-2. We didn’t get the balls out well enough after recovery. We just missed. We sometimes carried the ball too much. In the first half, we applied what we wanted to do without the ball, but not enough with the ball. We lacked control and confidence to do better with the ball, and to put this Lensoise team in more difficulty. Oddly, we were further released at 0-2. »

Franck Haise, coach of Lens, after the success of the Sang et Or : “I’m happy with what we did tonight, even if the first period was tactical, quite closed. Both teams were closing spaces well. But it was intense. I saw the chances follow one another at the start of the second period, without us scoring. I didn’t know if we could keep up. We had a physical backlash, certainly because we fell back a bit at 2-0. We should have scored before. It’s obviously a good start to the season. Monaco (4-1) and Rennes (2-1) play Europe every year. We had to get up to speed and try to surpass it. Tomorrow (sunday), it will be necessary to focus on Lorient and Reims. »


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