Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid coach): “It was not a fantastic match”

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Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid coach): “It was not a fantastic match”

Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid coachafter the victory against RB Leipzig (2-0) for the second day of the Champions League : “It was not a spectacular, fantastic match. The truth is that first we didn’t want… The most important thing for us was to avoid counterattacks, because it’s very dangerous. That’s why we didn’t push the defensive line up too much, we didn’t press too hard in the first half. The match was not fantastic, but we controlled well behind. The game was controlled from the back and only twice did they catch us behind.

We wanted to play a game to win it and defensive vigilance was a very important aspect, because the best quality of Leipzig is the counter-attack transitions. We didn’t want them to hurt us on that level. That’s why we controlled the midfield a lot. In the second half, they lowered their intensity to make quick transitions, we pushed a little more. And in the end, we won by deserving it. I think it’s a time of the season where I can’t ask players to play fantasy football, I ask them to play smart football to, in the simplest way, win games. »

Marco Rose, coach of RB Leipzig “Overall, it was a very intense game. I don’t think we were rewarded for our performance. A very correct and very pleasant performance for a large part of the match. I think we did a very good job today. We won a lot of good balls, we had chances to score, we had possession phases. I don’t think we conceded a lot overall, but then, at a time when you have to put the extra energy into the game at this level, we didn’t defend our goal as well.

Against this Real, who exploited a counter-attack with Vinicius on the wing, we still defended very well. Then, behind, we didn’t defend so well anymore, because we just didn’t close well enough in situations. And therefore it’s bitter, of course, because I think we deserved more today in the game. But in the end, we always get what we deserve. We did a good 90 minutes, and there wasn’t a single minute where we weren’t paying attention. Overall, the result is disappointing, but the performance is very satisfactory. We will now put an end to it, because on Saturday we will go to Mönchengladbach. »


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