Caroline Garcia carried by the public of Lyon

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Caroline Garcia carried by the public of Lyon

In Lyon, the DJ tries to shake the public by sending some classic French songs. The great standard “Allumez le feu” by Johnny Hallyday can be followed by the most unexpected “Sardines” by Patrick Sébastien for a slightly less convincing result. But when Caroline Garcia plays, the question of animating the Palais des sports de Gerland arises much less. Since the beginning of the week, the Frenchwoman has decided to heat the room herself.

An unusual role for the one who especially likes to stay in her bubble during a match. “It’s true, it’s quite newshe commented all smiles, Saturday, after her victory in the semi-finals against Colombian Camila Osorio (6-2, 6-2). Before, I was afraid of reaching out to the spectators, I was afraid of recovering all their energy, of not being able to manage it and of going too far. It comes much more naturally now and it makes me happy, I like communicating with them, I like asking for even more support. »

An energy bonus for the Frenchwoman

In the Billie Jean King Cup last year, during the disputed match at Portel, she had already tried her hand at home. But she had never gone so far as this week when she plays on her land. It did not really please Alyson van Uytvanck in the second round. The Belgian had moderately appreciated that the Lyonnaise went to seek the public after a disagreement around a decision of the chair judge. But it is the strength of the French to feed on it in recent days. On Saturday, when it mattered, she did it again and did everything to ignite a room that didn’t just require the spark.

We have seen him with his fist high and clenched after a winning blow, the racket brandished towards the public or the finger fixed behind his ear to encourage him to increase in volume. This gesture also “it’s new, it comes from here”, she said after her half. He came on her first matches, when she asked for more from a room that was not yet completely full. “Compared to other sports, the atmosphere and the way of encouraging are different in tennis. At the beginning of the week, they needed a little boost and that’s how it came. »

And she kept the posture, even if the spans were filled on Saturday. To hear spectators asking around for good plans to get places this Sunday, it will be the same for the final against the American Alycia Parks. A new opportunity for Garcia to take advantage of this energy bonus offered by “his” audience, before, perhaps, transposing it to another stage. “It’s a great experience for here, for the final and for Roland-Garros later. »

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