Castres remains undefeated at home by beating Clermont

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Castres remains undefeated at home by beating Clermont

In the first half, the Clermontois played against a strong wind blowing on Pierre Fabre’s lawn. Under these conditions, it was difficult for the hinge Baptiste Jauneau-Anthony Belleau to get out of his camp cleanly and put the Castres in danger. Tarnais who, on the contrary, with a tailwind, quickly occupied the camp of the Jaunards and concretized their strong times by the boot of Benjamin Urdapilleta to bring the score to 3-0 (2′) then 6-0 (10′).

But the Clermontois showed clumsiness like a Naqalevu clearance kick that came badly under pressure from Castres and missed by the Fijian center. Kick given directly to Gaëtan Barlot who only had to run to score the first try of the game (13-0, 27′).

Iturria’s teammates then held the ball longer and in a highlight, scrum half Baptiste Jauneau stretched out his arms after a succession of pick and go to flatten his first try in the Top 14 (13-7, 35 ‘). Argentinian Urdapilleta will add three points on the siren (16-7, 40 ‘).

On returning from the locker room, the two teams set off again at the same pace and Urdapilleta added three points (19-7, 47′). After the reduction of the score by the Clermont try of Tiberghien, not transformed (19-12, 60 ‘), the Castres succeed the break with a try of their inevitable Argentinian opener, transformed by Julien Dumora (26-12, 73 ‘) .

ASM did not give up and a penalty try awarded to the Clermontois revived the suspense a few minutes from time (26-19, 78′). Jono Gibbes’ men will have the match point but they will choose to take three additional points from Plisson, synonymous with a valuable defensive bonus in the race for qualification. Final score 26-22.


successful tackles by the Castres. The Tarnais gave everything as usual when they were mistreated by Clermont and their defense symbolizes their series of 26 consecutive matches without defeats at Pierre Fabre.

Player: Benjamin Urdapilleta

At 36, the Argentine opening half of Castres Benjamin Urdapilleta is a veteran in the championship. But he brings all his experience and his performance against Clermont proves that he still has gas in his legs. Precious on foot despite the wind, Urdapilleta only missed a penalty on Pierre Fabre’s lawn. He even gave himself a try a few minutes before going out, hit in the ankle. In total, he scored 19 of his team’s 26 points. Undeniably a sure value of the Top 14.

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