Cesson-Rennes gives in to Toulouse, Dunkirk regains victory

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Cesson-Rennes gives in to Toulouse, Dunkirk regains victory

Cesson-Rennes was beaten by Toulouse (30-24) on Thursday evening. The Toulouse, more realistic, dominated the entire meeting, well helped by their goalkeeper Jef Lettens (16 saves, 41%). Nemanja Ilic scored 13 goals (100%). Thanks to this success, the Toulouse return to a point of their opponent in the evening. They also confirm their ascendancy over Cesson-Rennes, against whom they have not bowed since … 2014.

Dunkirk found their way back to victory, winning against Saint-Raphaël (31-29). After their two defeats against Créteil and PSG, then their draw against Ivry last Friday, the Dunkirks are breathing again.

Thanks in particular to Théo Avelange Demouge (12 goals), the Northerners quickly managed to take the lead in the first half (13-10). Despite the return of the Varois in the last five minutes of play, Dunkirk kept their lead and thus won their 4th success of the season.

In a very close match, Chartres finally managed to get rid of Istres (34-32). Neck and neck at the end of the first half (14-13), Toni Gerona’s men started again after the break. In the last 15 minutes of play, they even managed to take a small lead. In this meeting, Sergey Kudinov scored four goals for Chartres, while in the camp of Istres, Edgar Dentz scored seven goals.

Limoges dominated Ivry (36-29), thanks in particular to numerous saves from Denis Serdarevic (13 saves, 38%), as well as goals scored by Yoav Lumbroso (6) and Jure Dolenec (6). Limoges thus goes back to 10th place in the ranking.

Finally, Créteil won his third victory, against Sélestat (40-37).

In the rest of the matches of the 9th day, Montpellier moves to Chambéry on Friday (6 p.m.), PSG receives Aix-en-Provence on Saturday (8:45 p.m.) and Nîmes will face Nantes on Sunday (3:30 p.m.).

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