Champions League: Metz, Brest and the Bleues from abroad return to the European front

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Champions League: Metz, Brest and the Bleues from abroad return to the European front

From Euro to Europe. Almost two weeks after the end of the European Championship, on November 20 in Ljubljana (Slovenia) won by Norway ahead of Denmark (27-25), the Women’s Champions League resumes its serpentine this weekend. On the French side, Metz opens the ball this Saturday (6 p.m.) against the Turks of Kastamonu, Brest goes to Bietigheim, Germany on Sunday (4 p.m.).

Metz wants to garner

Chloé Valentini, Camille Sinceet and Tamara Horacek like their 5 other international teammates, logically benefited from a little post-Euro rest before resuming collective training on Monday, just 2 days before receiving Besançon for the 7th day of the championship and sign a 7th success (33-24), Wednesday. “Monday was the recovery with everyone for a bodybuilding session, so it’s not easy to situate the level of forms of each other” confides Emmanuel Mayonnade, the coach of Metz. But in terms of commitment, state of mind, it was very pleasant, with a lot of rigor. There is a moral pact between us: we get back to it quickly. »

There is not really a choice since the Messines have 6 matches, including 3 in the Champions League, between this Saturday and December 18. “I had the words to say how important this month is, with 6 matches to negotiate before a few days off for Christmas, it’s up to us to earn as much as possible », invites Mayonnade. And this from this Saturday when the champion of France (3rd, with 4 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss) receives Kastamonou. A smooth recovery since the Turks are 7th and penultimate in group B (1 win, 6 losses). “On condition of winning the match”, notes Mayonnade who should be able to count on the whole of his collective.

Brest passes the big test

In Brest, we know how to receive. Wednesday after disposing of Toulon (27-19) for the resumption of the Championship, bouquets of flowers were offered to Djurdjina Jaukovic, Itana Grbic, Tatjana Brnovic to congratulate them on their continental bronze medal with Montenegro, without forgetting the ” Toulonnaise » Djina Malovic. All this under the eyes of the 5 French internationals of the BBH, defeated by Montenegro (27-25 AD). “In the head it seems to go”, says Pablo Morel, the coach of Brest.

Wednesday, after the victory of Brest in front of Toulon, the 4 Montenegrin bronze medalists at the Euro were congratulated by the Breton leaders. (O.Stephan/BBH)

On the body side, however, it is not so obvious. Back from the Euro with a left shoulder in bad shape, Coralie Lassource, exempted on Wednesday (like Itana Grbic), is also exempted for the trip to Germany this Sunday in Bietigheim, leader of group A, while Brest is in 7th and penultimate position (2 wins, 4 losses). “It’s the big test,” continues Pablo Morel.

“We had a serious match against Toulon but not of the level necessary to win a Champions League match. It will take more rigor, be mentally capable of seeking the limits”

Pablo Morel, BBH coach

He pursues : “We found the players with various physical and mental forms. Cleopatra (Darleux, the guardian) and Pauletta (Foppa, the pivot) have played a lot and are not badly marked”notes the coach, “wingers, Alicia (Toublanc)Paulina (Coatanea) and Coralie (Lassource) have shared more of the playing time. We will see as and when a weariness is felt, says Pablo Morel again. The latter had to remobilize the Montenegrins whose week of rest was not really, because rich in receptions including one at Milo Dukanovic, the President of Montenegro.

The foreign Legion

This new day of the Champions League also marks the start of the school year for the Habs abroad. “It’s all the complexity of being international and having to switch quickly, all the more so when you’re in a club with high goals” slips Grace Zaadi, leader of Les Bleues and CSM Bucharest (with Siraba Dembele, Kalidiatou Niakate but still without Laura Glauser, the goalkeeper forfeited from the Euro, who is recovering from a back injury), whose club receives, Sunday ( 4 p.m.), Ferencvaros, deprived of Béatrice Edwige whose season ended this week (right knee). Also at a cador, in Györ in Hungary, Estelle Nze Minko, the French captain, is opposed, this Saturday (6 p.m.) to CSR Bucharest of Orlane Kanor and Alexandra Lacrabère (still cold with the coach, the ex- international is no longer playing for the moment). Licensed at Vipers Kristiansand, defending champion, Océane Sercien-Ugolin goes this Saturday (4 p.m.) to the Czechs of Banik Most. Not selected for the Euro, the last four of which was disputed in Ljubjlana where she plays, with Krim, Allison Pineau faces Odense on Sunday (2 p.m.).

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