Christophe Galtier, PSG coach before facing Brest: “You need freshness”

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Christophe Galtier, PSG coach before facing Brest: “You need freshness”

“What did you think of the performances of Donnarumma who was criticized after the goal conceded on Tuesday? Can there be a turnover in the goal?
From turnover to this position, no. We often forget that Gigio is a young goalkeeper. We noted the poor appreciation of the center on the corner, which had an impact since we conceded a goal. But I prefer to remember the two decisive saves he made, two very difficult saves to make. I talked about it with him, I want a goalkeeper who comes out on set pieces, with presence. I don’t want this mistake to hold him back from what I want to see from him.

Do we need a turnover against Brest?
I don’t really like the term turn-over. It needs freshness. I have a quality workforce. Afterwards, some players, like Ruiz or Soler, lack benchmarks because they joined us late. Tomorrow (Saturday), it will not be the same eleven as against Juventus nor the same as in Haifa next Wednesday. You have to rotate to manage the physical states and ensure that everyone is involved.

What form are Ruiz and Soler in?
They are happy to be here already, they wanted to join us for some time. Soler has pace, he made a normal preparation. He has to find out his partners and what I’m going to ask him. Fabian had a frustrated preparation, he played very little and the last weeks he trained apart from 15-20 days waiting to join us. He works harder than the others.

“Three-man defense is energy-intensive”

How do we manage over an entire season those who are brought to play little?
I call them starters and not replacements. There are the discussions with the players when they arrive to tell them what to expect in a squad where competition is very high, so they already know. Given our calendar, from the World Cup to the middle of the season, they know they will come in, even start matches. We have to give them hope and desire so that they have the motivation to take part in this adventure.

Within the framework of the management of the group can you tomorrow (Saturday) change the tactical system in defense?
No (smile). We didn’t concede many situations in the second half against Juventus. It’s energy-consuming the three-man defense, but it’s not just down to that the fact of lowering the pace a bit. After reviewing the match, I think we will have to inject freshness more in the second half.

How did you find the Neymar-Mbappé relationship after Tuesday and the fact that Mbappé forgot Neymar on an action?
They are associated in the exercises, often together during the warm-up. I spoke about it with Kylian yesterday (Thursday) and I think they spoke about it together with Ney. The action takes place in two stages. At the start, it is difficult for Kylian to make the pass, then on the second phase he does not see it. When you see the images it seems easy but in action, it is more difficult. I haven’t felt any particular tension since.

Is it possible that your three attacking stars will not play tomorrow?
No. »


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