Christophe Galtier (PSG): “We are going to inject fresh blood”

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Christophe Galtier (PSG): “We are going to inject fresh blood”

“In what proportions do you intend to rotate your team, Wednesday in Toulouse?
We are at the start of a series so, in terms of freshness, there is nothing to worry about. There is what we expect and the reality of the matches, the performances, the state of form… Following Monaco (1-1 last Sunday), we have two major absentees, Kim (Presnel Kimpembe), who took a blow to the calf, and Pablo Sarabia, who took a big shock on the ankle. Afterwards, I have a quality workforce with, in certain sectors, the possibility of replacing a player without weakening. There will not be a rotation, but it seems important to me, in this beginning of the series, to inject fresh blood.

Are you still planning to get reinforcements?
There are just over forty-eight hours left before the transfer window closes. Some information comes out. Fabian Ruiz is very close to PSG, but there will also be departures from our side. It would have been better to have the recruits as soon as possible. We have been targeting the sectors we wanted to strengthen for a long time. Fabian Ruiz, we had targeted him for a long time. But for now, he is still a Napoli player.

Leandro Paredes will not be in the squad for PSG’s trip to Toulouse. (A. Martin/The Team)

Are Keylor Navas and Leandro Paredes the players closest to leaving?
Leandro will not be part of the group. I spoke with him after the session. We know he found an agreement with Juventus. He is currently a PSG player, but his mind is elsewhere. I made the decision not to put him in the group so that he could prepare for his departure and that I don’t have a player who, perhaps, will leave the club twenty-four hours. With Keylor, we talk very often. He is a PSG goalkeeper and he will be in the squad.

Milan Skriniar in Paris, is it impossible?
I can’t tell you it’s completely over. In a transfer window, there are always surprises. Milan have been a target player for a long time. Negotiations with Inter are very difficult. You have to respect his position. But with two days to go, anything is possible.

“Kylian shows no signs of concern”

Christophe Galtier, PSG coach, on the quote from Kylian Mbappé in the Pogba affair

Will Abdou Diallo benefit from Kimpembe’s package?
Abdou is a PSG player under contract. He has a good attitude, a good investment every day. There is a lot of discussion surrounding his situation.

And is Sarabia’s absence a chance for Hugo Ekitike to show up?
It’s a good sign that Hugo has ants in his legs, itching. He shows no signs of annoyance. We believe in him, in his potential. He will have playing time with the sequence of matches.

Hugo Ekitike has only played 13 minutes in Ligue 1 since the start of the season.  (S. Mantey/The Team)

Hugo Ekitike has only played 13 minutes in Ligue 1 since the start of the season. (S. Mantey/The Team)

Is Renato Sanches behind Vitinha in the midfield hierarchy?
It is normal that the Marco – Viti duo works better, because Viti made all the preparation matches. Renato needs benchmarks, to feel the connections in the game. He was studious, disciplined, but he also needs to let go of the horses. He had a bit of restraint in that match.

Kylian Mbappé was quoted in the Pogba case
Kylian is in very good spirits. He shows no signs of worry or annoyance about it.


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