Christophe Galtier (PSG): “We will have to beat big teams”

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Christophe Galtier (PSG): “We will have to beat big teams”

The scenario is cruel for you, you finally finish second
Until the 90th we were first, we find ourselves second. Congratulations to Benfica, we are the only two teams in Europe not to have lost (in all competitions). We will calmly wait for the draw, but my players have done things seriously. Tonight was a little irrational. Last week, at 7-2, we stopped in the 90th minute, without stopping play. These are details…

If we had taken a goal less also last week, we would be in the round of 16. But I’m happy with what my group produced. We were able to perform well, also changing the system during this group stage. Now, if you want to go far, you have to beat big teams. I think we’re going to draw a great team.

What did you think of Carlos Soler’s performance?
Every time we put Carlos in this register and he replaces Neymar, there is a comparison. The front three have a great connection. Carlos has been in difficulty, he plays in a sector where he needs more benchmarks, time perhaps.

What did you say to your players at half-time?
We had a lot of pressure and not enough mobility in the first half. We stayed in the positional game and that favored the Italian game. I asked for more movements but also to be more vertical. Kylian was often in a one-on-one zone. We could have found it more often in depth. I think it was done better after the break.


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