Christophe Pelissier (Auxerre): “It’s only a stage”

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Christophe Pelissier (Auxerre): “It’s only a stage”

Christophe Pelissier (Auxerre coach, after the 1-0 victory against AC Ajaccio on Sunday) : “I am satisfied with the result, with the involvement of the group. Seeing the attackers come back to defend like this is a sign and I thank all the players for their involvement. Now we will have to create an identity, it will be found in the game. I think we need more verticality in the races, but also in the attitudes.

Let everyone go in the same direction to help the comrades, which involves a lot of shopping and mental freshness. It is at this price that we can have results. We had insisted a lot on offensive recovery, winning duels to recover the ball. That’s what the players did, all together. I insist, it is only together that we can do great things. But this is only one step. »

Olivier Pantaloni (AC Ajaccio coach) “What we lacked was aggressiveness. We lost a lot of duels. And we take this goal on a set piece with a combination that we had not seen. After 25 minutes where Auxerre put a lot of intensity, we regained the upper hand, we were interesting in the game, but in the last 30 meters, we were harmless, without the slightest chance. Since the start of the season, my players have been generous in their effort, but they lack nose in attacking choices and as soon as we are trailing, it’s more complicated. »


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