Claude Atcher, general manager of France 2023, laid off

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Claude Atcher, general manager of France 2023, laid off

On June 22, The Team published on three pages an alarming talecarried by about fifteen witnesses, describing the toxic social climate and the management by terror prevailing in the open-space of 24 rue Saint-Victor, in the heart of Paris, where the offices of the GIP are located ( Public interest group) France 2023.

The very evening of our revelations, the Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castéra let it be known thatshe immediately seized the Labor Inspectorate, as well as the ethics committee of the GIP. The ministry was aware “elements of concern” and wished ” turn on the light “insisting that “the conclusions of these investigations are transmitted to him as soon as possible”.

Managerial practices deemed alarming by the ethics committee

This Monday, a few days after the restitution of the report of the ethics committee (August 18), the Ministry of Sports announced that Claude Atcher (66 years old) was “lay off as a precautionary measure with immediate effect, for the time necessary for the closure of the investigation currently being carried out by the labor inspectorate and until the final decision which will result from the disciplinary procedure”.

This decision was taken in concert with the FFR and the CNOSF, the two other shareholders of the Organizing Committee for the World Cup, which will take place in France from September 8 to October 28, 2023. Remember that the State has 37 % of the rights and obligations of the GIP, the FFR 62% and the CNOSF 1%.

“The report of the ethics committee mentions, on the part of the general manager Mr. Claude Atcher, alarming managerial practices altering the functioning of the structure, and the state of suffering of a certain number of collaborators”said the Ministry of Sports in a press release.

Claude Atcher, who “will no longer be present or active, directly or indirectly within, in the name and on behalf of the GIP throughout the period of his interim layoff”, will be replaced temporarily by Julien Collette, deputy director general of France 2023. An exceptional board of directors of the GIP will meet this Friday to ratify this decision.

Another administrative investigation opened into VTC fees

In addition, a joint mission of the General Inspectorate of Finance and the General Inspectorate of Education, Sport and Research is triggered by the State to analyze the existence of any breaches of economic probity and financial after other revelations of The Team relating in particular to undue VTC costs even though Claude Atcher had a company car.

In a few days, from September 7 to 22, Claude Atcher will appear before the 32nd Chamber of the Paris Criminal Court to answer for three financial offenses for which he is accused by the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office. Bernard Laporte, president of the FFR, Serge Simon, vice-president of the FFR, Mohed Altrad, president of the Montpellier club and main financial support of the FFR as well as Benoît Rover, longtime associate of Atcher, will be the other four defendants in this trial.

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