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Clermont, accustomed to eliminations by small

The Cup does not go to Clermont. For fifteen years, the Auvergne club has been collecting disappointments in this competition. After Schirrhein (Excellence, 2008-2009),selongey (DH, 2013-2014), Trélissac (CFA, 2015-2016), Yzeure (N2, 2017-2018), Marignane (N, 2018-2019) or even Bergerac (N2 , 2019-2020), it is therefore the FCOSK06 (R1) which danced on the bellies of Clermont this Saturday (0-0, 3-4 on the tabs).

“Offensively, we were infinitely poor”

Pascal Gastien, Clermont coach

” It is unacceptablesaid Florent Ogier, the Clermont captain, after the meeting. We had to pass. We fell into the trap when we were warned. We did not put intensity in the first period, we did not manage to tire them. We are very disappointed to see this adventure come to an end now. This must not weigh us down for the future, and we must quickly turn to the maintenance operation in L1. » Rather solid next to Caufriez, the defender did not have too many complicated situations to manage. Only the first quarter of an hour was hot, with in particular a counter from Schall (12th) and a coiled shot from Tine (15th) captured on the ground by Djoco. Saturday, the problem of Clermont was elsewhere.

“Offensively, we were infinitely poorrailed Pascal Gastien, the CF63 coach. We lacked commitment, we didn’t do any races. We were insignificant in front. » It took until the 21st minute to see his team, not helped by a lawn in very poor condition, get a corner. Goalkeeper Corentin Schmittheissler, well assisted by Herceg who countered two opposing attempts (60th, 89th), did not have much work. The biggest stop to make was the one in front of Cham, well launched in depth by Dossou (31st). “The adversary was braveunderlined the technician. They confirmed all the good that we thought of them after having supervised them during December. They were good tactically and technically. » Accustomed to losing in the Cup, Clermont knows at least how to do it with fair play.


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