Corentin Moutet: “I can play tennis even better”

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Corentin Moutet: “I can play tennis even better”

I went to bed around 5:00, 5:30, but in fact I was not sleeping. I was just thinking about the game. And then before, I had taken coffee, so as not to fall asleep. So it was rather micro-nap on micro-nap. When I woke up, I wasn’t fresh, but I didn’t have any aches, it was more basic fatigue.

In the first set against Tsitsipas, of course I was a little slower on my movements. On the backhand, I was switching quickly to chop, I had less strength, less energy, but he was playing very quickly compared to the other opponents I had played and I had a hard time adapting, at first. . In the second, I felt much better, I managed to stimulate myself, I really played better and it’s a shame that it didn’t go away because I would have been curious to see a third set.

It was a little too late to turn the situation around against this kind of player. Kudos to him. I just haven’t found the solution. I’m disappointed, obviously, but I think I showed good things, and I’m not 100%, I can play tennis even better. It’s a pretty good sign for the future. »


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