Corinne Deacon (Blue coach): “I remember the strength of my group”

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Corinne Deacon (Blue coach): “I remember the strength of my group”

What do you remember from this victory (5-1) against Greece ?
Not much. I retain the strength of my group. After Gledge’s release (Mbock), they managed to score some nice goals, well done. We were patient, we did some interesting things. There is a terrific audience here. Between stoppages for Griedge’s injury and those for thunderstorms, they stayed and made noise. We thank them, the evening was not easy but they supported us until the end.

What were your words at halftime?
We had already spoken when Griedge left the field. We had to get back to football. At halftime, we only talked about football. There were 45 minutes left, that’s a long time. We had to stay mobilized, we did it for her.

How did you experience the serious injury of Griedge Mbock?
It’s a complicated evening, we saw Griedge suffer, it was difficult. The group was affected. She is important in the group. We will wish him a good recovery. We are so sorry for her, we think of her, we hope she will come back soon.

What conclusions do you draw from this qualifying campaign?
He is perfect. This is the positive point: ten matches, ten victories, thirty points taken. The team was there, they got their ticket in April. We didn’t get the goal we wanted at the Euro (the final victory) but we are in the four best European nations, it should help us grow. We continue to grow, the group lives very well. We are going to have great matches to prepare for the World Cup. »


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