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Corinne Deacon: “We have to break the bad dynamic”

“In September, you expressed the desire to integrate new players during the months of preparation for the World Cup (July 20 – August 20, 2023 in Australia and New Zealand). Does this list confirm this desire?
We have two news. I didn’t expect to integrate so many players so quickly. But the current injuries mean that we have players like Mathilde Bourdieu (PFC) and Maëlle Garbino (Bordeaux) to perform at the highest level. This is a November 3 list. What will it be for the World Cup? I do not know. Today, I also have to pay attention to injured players and bodies that are very tired.

We also find Viviane Asseyi and Lindsay Thomas, who had been called for the first time in October…
Asseyi was in the last stage since she had been recalled to replace an injured player. Since then, she has been playing and performing well with her club. She proved with us that she could be an influential and decisive player. That’s why she joined this group. Lindsay Thomas made a good impression on me during the last internship. You have to give her a second chance so that I can see her again.

“Kheira (Hamraoui) needs to find rhythm and performance. But I’m happy to see her back on a football pitch.”

Sandy Baltimore, on the other hand, is not there…
I am in contact with Gérard Prêcheur, his coach at PSG. Sandy’s performance is not what we have seen lately. It’s a bad pass. I know she works a lot. It is a decision of the moment.

Kheira Hamraoui, she took over. She plays with PSG. Why didn’t you select her and does she have a blue future?
The door is not closed to anyone. Kheira played again, 15 minutes in the Champions League and 90 minutes last weekend. It is still little. She needs to get back to perfect physical condition, because we mustn’t forget that she didn’t play for 8-10 months, in any case too long. It needs to regain rhythm and performance. But I’m happy to see her back on a football field. You have to give him time.

Kadidiatou Diani is D1’s top scorer. Do you imagine installing him at the forefront of Les Bleues rather than on the right wing?
We have several solutions. When you see the list of attackers, we are spoiled for choice. This position could also go to Lindsay Thomas. We will see in what state of form I will recover the players next week. We will make the decision at that time.

The France team remains on two defeats. What do you expect from this game against Norway?
Already not a third defeat. We have to break the bad dynamic. It hadn’t happened to us for a while. We did not play on our true value during the last rally. The game against Sweden (0-3, October 11) hurt me a lot more than that against Germany (1-2, October 7). In Sweden, we took a slap. We didn’t start the game on time. We could have played for a long time without finding the solution because we didn’t have the capacity, neither physical nor mental. The players were also very unhappy with this performance. But it’s a match at the moment T. The quality of the players, it is there. It’s a bad time. We spent it, we digested it. We must end this calendar year with a taste for victory. It is important for us and for the preparation of the World Cup.

“We were not ready to play two nations of this caliber”

The two French clubs (PSG and Lyon) have not won a match in C1 either. There are many injuries and you talk a lot about the fatigue of the players. Is it cyclical or is it more structural, is French women’s football losing a certain lead it had?
The Champions League matches of the French clubs confirmed the state of physical form of the French team in October. It’s a bad time to pass. It does not call into question the work of the Federation and the clubs in the long term. But the moment is difficult. I spoke about it with several club coaches. We must ensure that we do not have more injuries than what we currently have. It’s part of the sport, but today they are very numerous and it’s often serious, which keeps players away from the field for a long time. You have to turn your back and accept it. You may also need to change a few things for the players to recover better and faster. And then, the others work too. Many nations work well and some perform better.

Does it take a questioning to recover from the two defeats?
We were marked by these two defeats, in addition we parted quickly so we could not do the debrief. There is nothing alarming. These are preparation matches, so by definition, they serve to prepare. We knew we still had work to do and we know even more that if we are fair, we cannot compete with top European nations. We need to do a little more. Work even more and maybe a little differently. These are things that we will discuss with the players. But you don’t have to question everything. We have missed our subject but we must learn the lessons to start moving forward again. We must put these two matches in a temporal context. We had our post-Euro decompression at that time. We were not ready to play two nations of this caliber. But we learn in defeat and these defeats will serve us.

You come back from Australia and New Zealand. Have you chosen your base camp for the World Cup?
Nothing is endorsed. I await the validation of the instances. We will have a seminar in December with the members of the staff to discuss all this preparation upstream. We saw hotels, training grounds. There are interesting things and others less adapted to a group life. We will make a choice. We will weigh the pros and cons to make our choice. »


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