Damian Penaud (Clermont): “My future is a bit vague”

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Damian Penaud (Clermont): “My future is a bit vague”

“Clermont notably lost Camille Lopez and Morgan Parra in the offseason. How to fill these departures of size?
Camille and Morgan were two pillars of the club. We’ll do without, even if it makes me weird to see Morgan playing in pink… (He is laughing). We have to move on. We will try to rebuild a team, a project around this new group. The club has recruited very good players. We are going to do everything we can to ensure that ASM has the best possible season and grabs one of the first six places to find the final stages. This will also be the objective in the European Cup. The preparation was intense, the state of mind is good. Place in the field.

Do you feel ready to take up more space in the ASM locker room?
It’s not really my thing to be a leader of men. I will stay where I am. There are leaders in the team.

“I want to give myself time to reflect. I will make my decision in March after the Tournament”

You will be out of contract at the end of the season, in June 2023…
(he cuts) Today, I am in Clermont. My future is a bit hazy. I want to give myself time to reflect. I will make my decision in March after the Tournament. I’m waiting to see if Clermont will be competitive in both competitions. I am a competitor and I want to win titles. I do not see myself in a club that does not win. But it’s not something that bothers me on a daily basis.

Does the non-qualification of ASM in the Top 6 weigh in your thinking?
A bit though. Playing the finals is something else. It’s galvanizing. ASM is the club that came to get me, that trusted me. I owe them respect. If the club finds the heights, there is no reason for me to leave. I will make my decision wisely. It will be carefully considered. I’m not in a hurry. I will wait for the end of the Tournament. The athlete is very important to me but it’s not just that either. We’ll see. »

The World Cup at the end of the season, do we think about it? it’s like the approach of the season?
Frankly, I’m not thinking about it yet. Today, I am focused on the club. To participate, you have to be successful in a club. The season is going to be long. I rested well during the holidays. I cut well. I am slowly finding the rhythm. But I’m not ready yet. Reason why I will not play the resumption of the Top 14 and the match at the Stade Français (Saturday, 5 p.m.).

And the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, could that be a goal?
It’s in the back of your head. Will the 7 be interested? The door is not closed. But I’m not going to project myself.

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