Dan Robson, who goes from Wasps to Pau: “It was a shock”

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Dan Robson, who goes from Wasps to Pau: “It was a shock”

Like other French clubs, the Section Paloise took advantage of the setbacks of Wasps to strengthen itself. She recruited, until the end of the season, Dan Robson, an experienced scrum half (30 years old) who wore the Wasps jersey 162 times. An English international on 14 occasions, he agreed, between two house visits, to come back to the reasons which led him to leave England and attempt a first adventure in the French championship.

“Can you tell us about this day of October 17 when you learned that you were fired?
It was late Monday morning. We were called for a meeting. We were expecting bad news, of course. The two administrators (Andrew Sheridan and Rajnesh Mittal) took the floor to tell us that the club was placed in liquidation and explain to us what that meant, and that we were all fired. It was a shock. The days that followed were not easy. We knew that the club was struggling, that there were problems, but we were far from imagining that it would go so far and that the scenario would be that. When I heard them breaking the news, there was a bit of anger, but I was upset and disappointed. And above all very sad. The anger has passed. And I was lucky because Pau decided to reach out to me. I am especially very excited, I will be able to leave behind me what happened, and take advantage of this experience in Pau, give everything for this team.

Do you want to know what really happened?
Now I would like to know the truth about what happened, and I think everyone wants to know and I think the truth will follow even though I know we will have to be patient.

“It’s a great opportunity. And I’m very grateful.”

Many players have been lucky and have found a job…
Yes, but that’s not the case for everyone. Some are still looking or have found freelancing for a few weeks. Others have nothing. It’s not great. It’s not the ideal time for the market and there are other players like Worcester who are also looking. It’s really difficult.

We hear a lot of rumors in France about the situation of other English clubs like the London Irish or the Newcastle Falcons. Are you worried about the future of English rugby?
Me, I’m not worried. I believe that things are changing and must change in English rugby so that it settles in the long term and progresses. And they could have changed faster without the Covid-19. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next two months.

Is this the end of the story, or just the end of a sad and dark chapter?
I’m not sure what will happen but there are people in London and Coventry who are working hard to prevent this from being the end. So hopefully this is just the end of a chapter. And since I’m not worried about the future, I would love to see Wasps come back, play again, at a very high level, but it’s very hard to imagine that at the moment I’m talking to you. But what is certain is that there are a lot of people who work a lot to allow this return.

You have chosen to join Pau. Was it a way of fleeing English rugby?
I wouldn’t say that, it’s not a leak. There was this desire to try a new challenge. I played in the Premiership for almost 12 years. Then there’s a timing issue, I also had a good discussion with Pau, and it’s an exciting challenge for me and my family. I think it was the right time to discover something new, the Top 14… It’s a great opportunity. And I’m very grateful. »

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