Dejan Lovren denies having sung fascist songs

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Dejan Lovren denies having sung fascist songs

Asked about his return to Lyon, Dejan Lovren said he was very happy but also pleasantly surprised by the club’s infrastructure. ” I am very happyhe confided. The club has changed a lot. We were in Gerland. The infrastructures have evolved in an incredible way, in a very positive way. It’s almost like in Liverpool. I expect to start with positive energy. OL’s season did not start very well (OL are 8th in Ligue 1) but we need to believe in ourselves, to have the support of the fans and not to give up. »

But the player does not arrive as a boss. “The boss is just a word but we need everyone, on the field, on the benchhe added. It starts with training. I have seen matches and we are too nice. Football today is not that. I have a lot of experience, I want to put all that in the team. I want to win like in every club I’ve been to. I don’t come just to play every other weekend and finish seventh. Well, that doesn’t interest me. […] I still really want to show. I left Lyon unsatisfied because I felt unfinished. It was difficult for me and the team. There was pressure but we still won something (the French Cup 2012) when it was difficult. Here, we have no right to lower our heads. We need to display a good attitude. You have to work a lot. I am in good shape to start very quickly because I have just played in the World Cup. Maybe as soon as Wednesday in Nantes. »


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