Didier Deschamps, before France-Australia: “There is no apprehension”

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Didier Deschamps, before France-Australia: “There is no apprehension”

“Do you feel a group under pressure on the eve of Australia?
The group you know. There are more experienced players than others but it’s a group that can’t wait to get started. There is no apprehension. We did everything to ensure that the players were at their best for this very important but not decisive first match. There should be no anxiety but calm and serenity.

It’s never easy to put your title back into play and the champions are often out in the first round…
All of this context is statistics. Each team has its own path, its own adventures. The main thing is to have a group focused on the objective, which is the first game and we must not think about what could have happened before. We will be there for this first game.

Benzema took the penalties at the Euro. in his absence, who is designated?
You will see it tomorrow, I hope. There are several possibilities with a hierarchy but which can be scalable in relation to the feelings of the players.

“It’s the first game the goal. We have to move forward with the group of players we have. It’s not having less ambition

With the absences of Benzema, after that of Pogba, does your team lack leaders? Is this an opportunity for some to take on this role?
You think it’s like that. I’m a leader, that’s it, I get up in the morning, people will listen to me. Some leaders weren’t ten years ago. There are always executive players. After leadership, it’s not only in words. The important thing is that each player in his position is a leader on the field. We have what it takes.

Mbappé has taken four years since 2018, how has he evolved?
It’s true that he was young, he still is a little, but less so. He has done some very important things with us already. In four years, he has matured even if he had a lot. He progressed. It has more recognition globally. Responsibilities, he has no more internally. But his ability to score and score, he has always had it and we will need it. It can be decisive at any time. But he is part of a collective.

Is Raphaël Varane fit?
Varane is fine, he is fit and available for the game.

With the absence of Benzema, Olivier Giroud, who is not very popular with the French, will start…
He’s been loved lately! Even those who criticized him and I see some here in this room (laughs). France is delighted, me too and Olivier too. He has been there for a very long time. He is a very useful attacker in his register even when he is not scoring, he is important.

With all the absences, have you reviewed the initial objective with your president Noël Le Graët, who was the last four?
With my president, whom I see regularly, we discuss a lot of things but certainly not the objective. This is the first goal game. We have to move forward with the group of players we have. It is not to have less ambition. There are stages and there will be a lot more understanding from the outside perhaps. Those who are there are on board. »


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