Dimitri Szarzewski (Racing): “Good over 80 minutes”

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Dimitri Szarzewski (Racing): “Good over 80 minutes”

Dimitri Szarzewski (Racing) “We owed ourselves revenge on ourselves. And if all was not perfect, the state of mind was irreproachable. We were able to stick to our plan. Sometimes we expose ourselves too much because we are very focused on the offensive but we forget to manage our weak times. You have to undertake when it arises but not just do anything. We were well over 80 minutes but the problem here is regularity and consistency. We will have to follow this type of performance during our two trips to Toulouse and La Rochelle. »

Jonathan Pelissie (Lyon) “We feel a lot of frustration. We agreed on aggressiveness because that’s what we lacked against La Rochelle. We responded present. But this time, we were penalized too much in areas that allowed them to take three points, for lack of having played too often in our camp.

We gave them the stick to beat us. We don’t miss much. We find each other, we do beautiful things, sometimes complicated, but we fail in the simple things: aggression one day, discipline another, etc. This is the paradox of this group at the moment. There is always one ingredient missing.

Dylan Cretin (Lyon) “Everyone had their ammunition. But we were penalized too much in our camp and the three points added up. It’s not so much that we made a lot of mistakes but each time they were tempting. This Racing was not impossible to beat but we did not know how to put everything together and at the finish it was a missed opportunity”.

Fabien Sanconnie (Racing) “We were able to be resilient when needed. There were good defensive streaks that we will have to keep in mind when going to play in Toulouse and La Rochelle. We have to put all the chances on our side. (On his return after a long absence due to a knee transplant). It had been a year and a half since I had walked a pitch so yes there was a lot of excitement. It was planned that I start the meeting for a maximum half-time. I held on with no problem. I am so happy to find the atmosphere of the stadium, of the locker room”.

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