Dupont felt “a lot of guilt” after his red card

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Dupont felt “a lot of guilt” after his red card

Antoine Dupont (scrum half and captain of the XV of France, winner of South Africa 30-26 on Saturday in Marseille during its second autumn test): “I feel that we are in difficulty in the middle so I am moving a little out of the way. When I go back to my place, I see Uini Atonio who is in a winger position with Cheslin (Kolbe) in front of him. I feel that it is a delicate situation, the kicking game is well seen. The ball is in the air, I never take my eyes off it… the fault is there even if it is not voluntary. Cheslin rocks, he could have hurt himself. I went to see him, he’s fine. It’s a blow for the team, we take a try behind, so there was a lot of guilt at the time, yes.

(His state of mind after his expulsion and the victory) “Yes, I am sorry. I had guilt towards the team at the time. They did the job so it’s more me who penalizes myself because I will surely miss this last match against Japan, in Toulouse, which was important for me. We will see the length of my suspension. I penalized myself alone but my moods come after the collective. Obviously I will celebrate the victory with everyone tonight (Saturday evening) and I will thank them. I got a few drops on the edge (of the field) so it’s good that they won (smiles).

“We have to be proud of what we do, game after game”

(Victory) “Of course we’re super happy. We have to be proud of what we do, game after game. Last weekend, the performance was far from perfect but there was an eleventh victory. Today, the world champions were beaten so of course there is a lot of joy and pride. It’s important to know how to win like that despite new scenarios against teams that we had not yet played. We were able to stay the course until the end with a state of mind to go and win which is more than remarkable. There are a lot of positives tonight. »

(The twelfth consecutive victory of the Blues) “We will have to keep a threshold of vigilance and continue to advance as we have done until now with a status that will surely be different, perhaps favorite for the World Cup. We get used to it because we also provoke it. You have to keep the confidence, keep what you do, this path, this state of mind that you have every day. The desire to be better and not to let go, while remaining vigilant because all the teams will want to bring us down. »

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