Eddie Jones is set to step down as England manager on Tuesday

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Eddie Jones is set to step down as England manager on Tuesday

Going to this meeting, Eddie Jones, who had been appointed in 2015, had few illusions about the fate that the federation reserved for him, but he intended to fight, to defend his record, and to prove to the decision-makers that he was on the right track, that he had the equipment to carry out a good campaign at the next World Cup, the one which will take place in France.

His arguments were obviously not enough to convince, this is what he confided to a few relatives at the end of this long interview, explaining that it would be fixed on Tuesday. According to the Daily Mail, the English federation should ratify the decision in two acts, Tuesday during a council, and Wednesday during the board meeting. A federation which, for its part, carried out its investigation, even guaranteeing total anonymity to players wishing to pour out their feelings and the methods of the Australian technician.

Steve Borthwick tipped to replace him

At the end of the tour, Bill Sweeney, the general manager of the federation, had apologized to the fans, and displayed his disappointment, explaining that the England team did not have the results it should have. ..

To succeed Eddie Jones, a name comes up with insistence, that of Steve Borthwick, the coach of Leicester. He is the big favourite. Last week, he had no real intention of leaving his club during the season. Has he changed his mind? Will he be allowed to juggle missions? Or will it only arrive in June, after the season? If the latter option is preferred, which staff will manage the 6 Nations tournament? Lots of unanswered questions. An official communication is expected on Wednesday.

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