Elisabeth II, a long reign of 1057 Grands Prix

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Elisabeth II, a long reign of 1057 Grands Prix

F1 history will remember that Queen Elizabeth II will have reigned from the 16th Grand Prix in F1 history to the 1,072nd, which will be held last weekend in Zandvoort. A reign of 70 years, which began on the evening of the death of King George VI, his father, on February 6, 1952. Piero Tarufi, driving a Ferrari 500-F2, was therefore the first F1 driver to put his name on the prize list under the era of Elisabeth II, winner on May 18, 1952 of the Swiss GP, the first event of the season.

Max Verstappen, for his part, will have won the 1,072nd and last F1 GP at Zandvoort contested under the reign of His Majesty. From Ferrari to Red Bull.

When Mercedes gathered the paddock on Thursday to celebrate the end of the European tour – 2022 collection – the announcement of the Queen’s death would prematurely end the celebrations. If Mercedes is a German team, it is based in England in Brackley and assumes a deeply British culture. Suddenly it was time for meditation.

This was how the paddock would be emptied in silence on this Thursday evening at Monza. Mourning in the land of Ferrari. By Piero Tarufi. In the second, Stefano Domenicali, the boss of F1, published a press release presenting “his sport’s condolences to the Royal Family, the peoples of Britain and the Commonwealth”.

A minute of silence before the start of the GP on Sunday

It was announced immediately that a minute of silence would be observed by the ten teams in front of their respective boxes, before the start of the first free practice session and that the same would happen on Sunday just before the start. Minute perfectly respected, the ten teams lining up their entire workforce, the transalpine public respecting this moment of meditation, before applauding as is traditional in Italy during funerals.

This Sunday, six subjects of King Charles III will be present on the grid. Namely Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris, George Russell, but also Nicholas Latifi, Lance Stroll (Canada) and Daniel Riccardo (Australia), from Commonwealth member countries. Or almost a third of the grid.

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