Eric Artiguste (Bayonne): “We may be more respected”

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Eric Artiguste (Bayonne): “We may be more respected”

Thomas Ceyte (second line of Bayonne after the victory over Racing 31-25): “We had a good first half, then in two plays, they scored twice. It’s hard. We say to ourselves that it is not possible to miss them, that we must go and find them. We pick up quickly. We felt that it was starting to falter with them in melee. We insisted on the right side. The public got behind us well and we scored twice very quickly. The game was restarted. With a 16th man, it’s easier. This first victory is a liberation. We didn’t have a crazy match, but in the second half, Racing didn’t touch the ground for 35 minutes. We were present in the intensity in particular. At the end of the first period, we felt in danger, even if we had not been dominated. It was a little infuriating, we had the balls. It’s good to win at home, but there are things to fix. »

Facundo Bosch (Bayonne hooker): “We knew that this first match was very important to give a positive image and show that it will not be so easy to come to Bayonne. At halftime, we told ourselves to start over with simple things. For example, we came out of our camp better. Then we took the lead in the scrimmage with this overturned penalty in the 48th minute of play which allowed us to score afterwards. »

Eric Artiguste (assistant coach in charge of three-quarters of Bayonne) : “Our first period is good, but we are absent ten minutes and we take a counter. They mark on our faults. The watchword was to be patient, to go to them and to occupy. That’s what we did. We were also dominant in the scrum. The scrum recovered in the 48th minute of play is the turning point of the match. it hurts our opponent. We really had a great first period. Finally, without forgetting the public who were there. It grows wings. It’s important to win matches at home. We may be more respected. When you get promoted, guys come to your house to win. »

Laurent Travers (Racing 92 manager): “It’s a big disappointment in terms of the content. We did 40 good first minutes. We were able to score, not to let them hope. In the second period, we stayed in the locker room. We were part time. In the second half, we suffered on the impacts, in the fight. We also have two clear chances. The ten-point lead undoubtedly contributed to this relaxation. It is the staff’s share of responsibility for not having been more vigilant in keeping our team alert. There is also disappointment because we leave with zero points on the clock. »

Wenceslas Lauret (third row of Racing 92): “This defeat is a disappointment. We said to go out with something, we have a good first, but the second period is approximate. We were not good in our organization, in the strategy. Being so bad, we couldn’t hope for anything. The Bayonnais have shown realism. Despite the two tries we conceded, we could leave, but we watched them play. Like last year, we had a good first period, then our second was catastrophic. We relaxed. A game is 80 minutes. »

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