Eric Dier (England): “You can have fun without drinking alcohol”

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Eric Dier (England): “You can have fun without drinking alcohol”

As his teammate Aaron Ramsdale had done the day before, Eric Dier gave his opinion this Saturday, at a press conference, on the ban, announced on Friday, alcohol sales around the eight World Cup stadiums in Qatar. The 28-year-old England defender said with a smile: First of all, I like to think that you can have fun without drinking alcohol. It’s important to say that. “.

Then Dier clarified: And as Aaron said, it’s up to us on the pitch to bring joy to the fans. I felt that in all the matches I played, the atmosphere (in the stands) depends on the style of play that is offered. So it’s up to us, and all the teams in the tournament, to play exciting football. This is what will generate beautiful atmospheres in the stadiums”.

In addition, the Tottenham player was questioned about the controversial press conference given a little earlier by Gianni Infantino but he refused to react to this subject: “ I saw or heard nothing of this press conference. I was told about it but I did not have the opportunity to see it.

“We are footballers, not politicians”

Finally, Dier confided a form of weariness in having to give his opinion on non-sporting matters: “It’s difficult for us players. We come here and we are questioned on this kind of subject. I thought I would have this type of question today. For example, this World Cup was awarded to Qatar in 2016, I was 16 at the time (Editor’s note: it was awarded in 2010)it’s very difficult for me to talk about it […]. It’s a World Cup and we are all proud to represent England playing football. At the end of the day, we are footballers, not politicians”.


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