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Esport – League of Legends – Adam: “I really show that I have the level for the LEC”

“You’ve been playing at a very high level for almost two years, but this is the first time you’ve played in front of the public. Is it an exciting prospect?
Yes, of course, especially when you see how long I have been a professional. I was at the European championships, to the Worlds and despite everything I never made a scene! So that’s a lot of excitement.

After a difficult start in the French League of League of Legends (LFL) this summeryou’re on a nice winning streak (six in a row after Thursday against Misfits Premier)
Currently, we are really in a good dynamic. Personally, I find that individually I play rather well, I know my limits well. I think we have a very good view of the meta(the most optimal style of play of the moment), which makes it easier for us to play games. I’m very happy with everyone in the team and the coaching staff, who are doing a great job. We manage very well to identify the strong characters and when to take them.

You are indeed in very good shape and you have already won nine MVP titles, one for each time your team has won. You have the impression of being in progress compared to the spring, where you played in the LEC (the European championship)?
I don’t really feel like I’ve improved… It’s just that the difference between the toplaners LEC and LFL is pretty huge. One on one, I can afford so much more in the LFL, because people don’t know how to punish people who play very aggressive like me. Only in LEC do people have this level of knowledge. I don’t feel like I’m necessarily at my very best right now.

Your offseason was marked by your demotion from the BDS first team, in the LEC, to its academy, in the LFL. With what state of mind did you approach this summer segment?
I made a bad split in LEC and the competition was tough, even internally, with BDS Academy which performed quite well. It was well deserved to come back down and it allows me to regain self-confidence, really very strong. It is clear that currently I am very confident.

This is the first setback in your career, which had until then been a linear ascent. Did it make you want to change things, to train differently?
I just had a change of vision of the game. Before, I played a lot for the solo kills(the fact of killing his direct opponent in one against one), now it comes later. I try above all to develop a game that allows me to widen the gap with my vis-à-vis. It starts a lot from the start of the match, I try to play for the tower, for the minions… That’s how I really changed my style.

You were criticized a lot in the spring, especially online. How did you experience it?
When you are a player who, basically, is highly anticipated, especially after my time at Fnatic (between May and November 2021), you expose yourself to a backlash. If you perform well, everyone encourages you, but as soon as you lose, everyone will jump on you. You just have to accept that as a player, not take these criticisms personally and tell yourself that, deep down, they are not completely wrong, because I performed badly. It is above all the form that is the problem, because there have been quite toxic messages sometimes. You have to succeed in overcoming it and I use it more as motivation.

The return to a lower level, how do you experience it? You are not frustrated to play against less strong teams?
No, it’s the opposite. Even if the level is lower, it’s still important for me to know that I’m able to dominate the other players in my position, and with style. If I was just able to win without more, I would be disappointed. Even if the level is slightly below, it’s important to show that I can win and prove myself to myself. that I don’t have the LFL levelto do everything to go back to the LEC.

What are your medium-term objectives? Is there a fear that this bad spring segment will be a hindrance to re-entering the LEC?
I don’t think… Because I’m really showing that I have the European level right now. I am even convinced of it. The LEC, I really intend to go back there, I will do everything for it. I want to show that it was just a bad patch in the spring. For the moment, with BDS Academy, we are able to get at least the quarters of European Masters (the second European level on League of Legends), even halfbacks are doable. And in LFL, I really think we have the level to go to the semi-finals or the final. Because we are only progressing. »

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