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Esport – League of Legends – Exakick: “I really wanted revenge”

“By beating BDS Academy (3-1) this Thursday, you won the Ligue Française de League of Legends for the second consecutive time. How do you judge this title compared to the previous one?
He was much harder to get. Even though we only won 3-2 against BDS Academy in the spring final, they really showed they were a better team this summer. They forced us to adapt our style. I think he has more value, even if we massacred the regular season, we were really shaken up in the semi-finals.

In view of your defeat in the semi-finals (after losing 3-1 to BDS Academy, they had to go up the loser bracket to take their revenge in the final)did you expect to win?
I don’t think… We knew they were strong, but we hoped that with the adaptation we had in the draft and in the game, things would go well. But we weren’t so confident than before our first game against themwhere we were really surprised.

In this first confrontation against them, we felt you were strategically destabilized…
Yes, especially with their Vi-Taliyah combo, which we didn’t know at all. We prepared much more specifically in this match and it went well, so good. We stole their strategy a bit. We had also identified that their jungler (Theo “Sheo” Borile) was in trouble when he had no champions tanksso we particularly targeted it.

Did you feel more pressure than usual before this final?
(He hesitates.)
No, it was fine. But I really wanted revenge, because we were really humiliated in the semi-finals, we woke up too late, I really wanted to show our true face.

You finished this regular season with 17 wins and one loss. What makes you so consistent compared to other teams?
I think we are very good at understanding the meta (the optimal playstyle of the moment). And we were playing well. In the team, there is not a player who carries us more than the others. If ever there is a bad day, another will shine to lead us to victory. That’s why that we made 17-1even if it was marred by our loss against BDS, where we really thwarted.

On a personal note, are you satisfied with the level you posted during this summer segment?
I had a little slump, where I wasn’t playing very well. But we still won, because it’s a team game. I’m ramping up and I think I’ll be at my best soon. I have to stop a little overplaying at times. I’m happy with the level I showed in the final against Jus “Crownie” Marusic, who is excellent.

With this title, you approach the European Masters with confidence (the second European level on League of Legends), which start next week?
We are very confident. But I think we will face BDS Academy again in the final, or Vitality Bee (that LDLC OL eliminated in his second semi-final). The LFL is above other regional leagues, even more than the previous season.

With two French championship titles this year, you have won everything you could on the national stage. Is it time to look elsewhere?
Of course I would like to play in the LEC (the European championship) or in LCS (its North American equivalent) next season. But first I think we should win the European Masters. If I go to the next level without this victory, I think I would be disappointed. »

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