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Esport – League of Legends – Flakked: “With G2, playing Worlds is a minimum”

“You easily defeated Rogue in the LEC semi-finals, many thought this team could make you falter. Did you surprise yourself?
Victor “Flakked” Lirola Tortosa: Obviously I thought we were going to win. Maybe not 3-0, I never imagined it would happen like this, but we really surpassed them. Practice was going well, I think our drafts are really good right now and Rogue has shown some limits in that area. For example, I think it is very dangerous to leave Senna to us. I’m comfortable with the idea of ​​playing very different things in a duo with this champion. Partly because Targamas (Raphael Crabbé, G2 support) is very strong with. Having Senna in the first set, largely dominating the game, then letting her go to us in the next… It put us in a comfortable position. And then everyone played very well.

Would you say that G2 is the best team in Europe, before this final?
I don’t think Fnatic and Rogue are on our level today, no. Even though Fnatic has the momentumis in a good period and that his team is playing really well.

It can change ? On their side or yours: can G2 crumble?
Today we are in a comfortable position. Not only because of the way we play, we all play at a very good level, but also because we read the drafts well. We understand what we have to choose and then do with the champions we have. Unless our opponents come up with something very surprising that upsets our view of the game, it will be very hard for them to beat us. I don’t see us collapsing.

Are there still things to improve?
Yes, even though Targamas and I have made great progress, especially since the MSI. We’ve always been a good botlane” weak side “. In the spring we were already playing Senna a lot, for example. We know how to do it. But we were more limited when it came to playing. strong side “. After this MSI, we understood that our role was perhaps more important than we thought. We started playing Draven, Kalista, Lucian-Nami…Champions that need resources to make an impact. Today we are able to do it. Everyone is progressing in the team, but if there was to be an honorable mention, it would be for both of us.

You have gained confidence, too.
For sure. Especially when playing with Targamas, which in my opinion is the best support in Europe (smile). My confidence took off. But it’s true for everyone on the team.

We saw G2 play Varus ap mid, Yone at the top last week… Rather rare things. Would you say your team has a fairly unique style?
Varus… (he’s laughing) I don’t know, one day caPs (Rasmus Winther, Danish G2 midlaner) decided to play it after realizing it was a very effective choice. It was on YouTube by the way. He watched a video of someone playing this champion, he was surprised how strong it was. Behind, he tested it twenty times in two days before releasing it in an official match.

Did you find something special on YouTube too?
(laughter) We have some secret picks in reserve, yes. But I will keep that for me and the final.

I insist on the “fairly unique style” of G2…
I especially think that we can play a lot of different compositions. We worked hard this summer to understand what we want to do with our champions and how to analyze our victory conditions. Today we can offer an attacking style of play by early gamewe can decide to play the scalingfavor the objectives, the team fight… We still have room for improvement but our style is perhaps to be able to adapt, to have a lot of variation in our game.

It’s not your first LEC final but you’re still a rookie this year and, on Sunday, you’ll be playing in a big arena, with a lot of spectators… Is it something stressful a priori?
I don’t know how I’ll behave, how I’ll feel… Maybe I’ll be a little more nervous than usual, maybe not. It’s hard to say when you’ve never experienced that. But we usually have the audience with us, knowing that makes me think that I will probably feel in a certain comfort zone eventually.

When you have already won the LEC but qualify for the Worlds for the first time, do you already think of the Worlds?
Totally. We want to win the LEC of course, but the Worlds are ubiquitous. We haven’t started training specifically for the tournament, there’s Malmö first, but we’ve started planning some things…

That’s exciting ?
Of course, but I don’t feel it as something special because I’m in a team that is supposed to win. It’s not like playing with, say, Misfits: I’d be much more excited to play Worlds. I am, it’s my dream… But with G2, the expectations around us are a minimum. »

The LEC Finals Schedule

Semi-final: Fnatic-Rogue, Saturday September 10, from 5 p.m.
Final: G2 – winner of Fnatic-Rogue, Sunday September 11, from 5 p.m.

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