Esport – League of Legends: Fnatic snatches its place in the LEC play-offs, Vitality out of the race

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Esport – League of Legends: Fnatic snatches its place in the LEC play-offs, Vitality out of the race

Team of the Week: G2 Esports

For G2 Esports (1st, 12v., 6d.), the seasons follow one another and look alike. The team followed its usual trajectory, recovering when the stakes are at their highest after lackluster performances in the middle of the segment. The reigning European champion got scared a few weeks ago, but ends up with five wins in a row. We finally found the ultra dominant face of the team last week, confirmed by chaining three victories this weekend against major opponents: MAD Lions (2nd, 12v., 6d.), Misfits Gaming (4th, 10v. , 8d.) and SK Gaming (8th, 7v., 11d.).

Victories that have qualified him for the World Cup, hoisted him to the definitive first place in the regular ranking and as a favorite of the play offs. Difficult, in this situation, to identify a player who stood out more than the others, whether Rasmus “Caps” Winther on Sylas or Victor “Flakked” Tortosa on Draven. Keeping the same shape, G2 Esports can reasonably believe in the double European title next month.

Player of the Week: Jean “Jezu” Massol

SK Gaming will have finally found the key to shaking up the top of the LEC table – but far too late. And the team’s French botlaner, Jean “Jezu” Massol, is the bulldozer that nearly nudged his team to victory on multiple occasions. On the picks each more ambitious than the other (Yasuo, Draven and Samira), it distinguished itself by high-precision mechanics and formidable aggressiveness. It was despite a very large advantage over their Draven that SK lost their match against Excel (6th, 9v., 9d.) on Saturday evening, ending the game in 10/0/1.

The team is far from having achieved its objectives for the season: we will not have seen it in play offs spring or summer. But this week’s last stand saved the day, delivering great performances also against Team Vitality (7th, 9v., 9d.) and G2 Esports, even in defeat, highlighting the flaws of its opponents. Impressive performances that can only play in favor of SK players before the opening of the transfer window for 2023.

Match of the week: Excel – Team Vitality

It was difficult to choose a game of the week as these last three days were loaded with great performances to close the 2022 regular season. tie breaker which opposed the French club Team Vitality to Excel was undoubtedly one of them. It was an essential match: the winner took the last place in the top 6.

Excel, which was only a shadow of itself at the end of the segment, returned to fundamentals by choosing an aggressive composition. He opposed the oldest strategy in existence – focused entirely on teamfights, taken by the Bees. There was only one way to counter it and Excel did it brilliantly. By dividing and conquering, Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle’s team has taken control of the Rift and snatched the place from them in spectacular fashion.

For Team Vitality, this result is a disaster: considered as a title contender before the season, she had high hopes of breaking into the summer top 6 arriving in the last week of the split (more than 90% chance) but fell apart piling up four losses in a row. Excel, on the other hand, stands out as the big surprise of the year.

But also…

The sinking was narrowly avoided. The fans of fnatic (5th, 10v., 8d.) were euphoric celebrating the victory of their favorite team this Sunday evening in Berlin, against Misfits Gaming, which allowed them to glean their place for the LEC play-offs in extremis. Along with G2 Esports, they’re the only team to end this week with three wins, each more overwhelming than the last. The quiet strength, in his victory snatched without haste from Astralis (9th, 7v., 11d.), turned into a tornado of aggression in his last match.

Misfits Gaming had however taken control of the game from the start. But she ran out of steam as the game progressed thanks to good operations by Fnatic around the objectives, materialized by her botlaner Elias “Upset” Lipp, who has shown flashes in recent weeks. The two teams will meet again in play offs in two weeks.

In the top 4 of the LEC, Rogue is certainly the least impressed this week. The team showed some flaws since the arrival of patch 12.14 and lost their match against Team BDS (10th, 3v., 15d.) against all odds. MAD Lions, for their part, stood out with their solid collective against G2 Esports and Team BDS, but were still pushed by Astralis despite their status as favorites. Given the turnarounds since the start of this summer segment, all scenarios seem possible for the play offswhich will start on August 26.

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