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Esport – League of Legends: four physical dates for the LFL in 2023

This Thursday, a good part of the tricolor esports met at the Seine Musicale, in Boulogne-Billancourt, for a new day of the French League of League of Legends (LFL), played in front of 3,500 people. After that which was held in Nice in February, this is only the second “LFL Day” organized this year. But events in public will soon become more recurrent and more important.

Starting next year, the LFL will indeed organize four physical shows per year: two days of the regular season and the two finals of the summer and spring segments. “In 2023, we want two distinct types of events, Explain Bertrand Amarhead of the esports branch at Webedia, which has co-organized the LFL since 2019 alongside Riot Games, the game’s publisher. First, the LFL days, with one destination per segment, which would host either one date like in Boulogne-Billancourt or two dates like in Nice. Then, we would also like to offer the segment finals offline, with lighter configurations. »

No offline final in 2022, but the Coupe de France

As it is impossible to know in advance the poster for the LFL titleWebedia judge ” hard “ to bet on having teams capable of bringing back several thousand people. For the finals, “smaller rooms”, with a capacity of about 1,000 people, will therefore be privileged, which will allow the league to visit medium-sized cities. For regular season LFL Days, however, the league will continue to focus on venues with a minimum of 3,000 people, and possibly more in the future.

“A priori”, according to Bertrand Amar, the final of the 2022 summer segment, which is already well underway, should however be played online. But an event will bring together French Lol fans between now and the end of the year: the Coupe de France, a new meeting bringing together teams from LFL, Div2 and the best of the amateur circuit, which will be held at the fall. “We want offline for this competition, at least for the final. For the venue, the problem is the same as for the LFL finals, so we are aiming for rooms with more than 1,500 people. We are also thinking about the possibility of playing matches at Paris Games Week, even if nothing is done. »

A place left for the KCXs

For now, Webedia should be content with its four annual offline meetings, five including the National Cup. “These are very expensive events, so we don’t think of financing more than one per segment, justifies Bertand Amar. Doing too much could trivialize the LFL Days, which currently correspond to our peak audience. It is not at all our plan to do a different city per week, contrary to what we have read. » The intention would however be to continue to organize part of the shows in the provinces, as was the case with Nice and Aix-en-Provence.

With this schedule, the goal is also to give teams time to organize their own parties on the sidelines of the LFL, as Karmine Corp recently did with the KCX 2. On this occasion, Webedia had even modified its schedule to allow the team to play a championship game against the 12,000 people who gathered at Bercy. “The only condition we have is that there is only the team playing at home on stage. As soon as the two teams are reunited, it would become an LFL event.specifies the league, which wants to be a “engine to facilitate” these initiatives.

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