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Esport – League of Legends – Labrov: “Perkz is an inspiration to me”

Congratulations for this second victory against G2 Esports which concludes your week of LEC at 2-0. Are you proud, or rather relieved to regain a good momentum?
Above all, I feel remotivated and enthusiastic for the future because I knew that we could be very good and we were finally able to show it on stage, especially against other very strong teams. So yes, it gave me more confidence and it motivates me to keep training a lot, because I’m sure we’ll go far.

We notice that you are constantly improving in this summer segment.
Yes. Personally, I’ve always been confident in the way I play, but I always try to fight better to get back into games, especially when things don’t go as planned. I would say that’s one of my weaknesses as a player. But I did not expect this game is as clean as it was, so I’m very happy with that. I am very proud of my teammates and my performance!

How did you work on this defect?
In this case, I have to try to continue to communicate a lot with my teammates, especially to pass on my timings and coordinate with them and defend well. The objective is that if the opponents become too aggressive, we can punish them and get back into the game.

Your collective also seems to have solidified.
We had good results in training and matches. But honestly, even in the last two, I think we can always do better as a team and individually. There is so much room for improvement for everyone! And what allowed us to improve this week is that we tried to give more voice in the game. I would also say that we had done a good preparation for these two gamesso I’m very happy with it.

This season back in the studio is also a first for you, did you learn a lot?
It’s not my first season in the LEC, but it’s the first where we play on stage, yes. I find that I play better; I greatly prefer. I’m glad we can have this opportunity now. In general, everyone plays differently on stage, it is noticeable.

“Perkz is an inspiration for me, it makes me want to surpass myself”

Labros “Labrov” Papoutsakis

Are your training results affecting your confidence in the studio?
Sometimes yes. As far as I’m concerned, I manage to have very good results in training, in general, but I lose more on stage. But right now I’m trying not to be affected by our scores in training because in my experience they’re two very different types of matches.

Do you also benefit from the experience of your teammates on stage?
I think Luka “Perkz” Perkovi is the one who has helped me the most as a player and as a person, I love working with him. He’s made me improve so much on the strategic side of the game… he’s very creative and smart as a player. I am very lucky to have him on my team.

As a person, that is?
He has a personality of leader, he manages to federate the players. When we are at the office, for example, he always motivates us to play more games, when we have a little free time. He talks a lot to everyone, he tries to bond… it’s always good to be around him. Perkz is an inspiration for me, it makes me want to surpass myself.

What will be the decisive match for you before the end of the summer split?
This will most certainly be our match against Snape. It will be very important because if we continue to extend our series of victories and we win this one, it will certainly make us validate the Top 2. But we try to see each game individually and not to stress too much about our results: we can’t change what happens.

Do you see Fnatic in the play-offs, while the team is worrying a lot at the moment (having fallen out of the Top 6)?
Yes, I think it’s a play-off team. They are struggling, but personally I think they are a good team. Every team has its problems; as we are best-of-one, one has the impression that a defeat means that the team is bad. But if fnatic played more games, I think they would look better. In any case, I think they will arrive in the play-offs if they manage to come back and gain momentum.

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