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Esport – League of Legends: LDLC OL advance to the LFL final

The game could change at any time. The semi-final of the French championship League of Legends (LFL) was very attached this Wednesday evening, opposing LDLC OL at Vitality Bee. But the experience and mentality of the Lyonnais finally pushed them to victory, won 3-2.

Both teams came into this half prepared best-of-five. However, the stress mounted when the score was equalized twice, as admitted by the botlaner by LDLC OL Thomas “Exakick” Foucou in the interview post game. With a third place in the standings and several defeats against LDLC OL, the Abeilles were not favorites on paper; but many believed in the surprise in view of their flashes those last weeks.

No game was dominated by just one team: each shone at times and showed creative strategies (like the second Vex in the segment, played by Dimitri “Diplex” Ponomarev). While the early game was the realm of Vitality BeeLDLC OL often managed to regain control thanks to precise rotations and a dose of risk-taking.

The action was omnipresent in the match, boosted by the feverishness of the players. The last game was marked by a more closed game, but it was there that the Foxes shone with the greatest brilliance: once they had taken the advantage in the middle of the game, they resisted the pressure and took the good opportunities in flight to pack the game. With this victory, they qualified for the final of the LFL summer segment and the main tournament of the European Masters (August 24 – September 25), thus avoiding its preliminary phase.

LDLC OL will nevertheless have little time to breathe before their next clash, which will look like revenge: BDS Academy, their opponent in the final, tamed them in the second round of play offs last Thursday. Although second in the regular standings, he will arrive as favorite in the match scheduled for Thursday evening, at 6 p.m.

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